Francesca Augello immediately responded and performed the Heimlich technique on the child.

Francesca Augello is holding her proclamation, commending her actions, (center) and with her are from left to right Michelle Collison, principal of Wood Park Primary School, Commack School Superintendent Jordan Cox, Legislators Rob Trotta and Leslie Kennedy, her children Vincent, Adrianna and Rocco and husband Sammy.

At a recent General Meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature, Legislators Leslie Kennedy and Rob Trotta recognized Francesca Augello, a school monitor at Wood Park Primary School, who noticed a second grader was choking on his slice of pizza during lunch. 


She immediately responded and performed the Heimlich technique on the child, which dislodged the piece of food. Ms. Augello had seen posters at the school and in the cafeteria that explains and illustrates the Heimlich maneuver. Married and a mother of three school aged children she believes she did what any parent would do.


Legislators Trotta and Kennedy welcomed Francesca Augello and her family, as well as school officials to the legislature to praise her quick thinking and for remaining calm during a crisis.


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