Well done, Mr. Bittner

Re: Bob Bittner’s letter of May 23rd (“We must remember our war dead”): “The last time I heard that bugle call was over 50-plus years ago, but I know it has gone on each day since. I can hear it in my memory as clear as day. This Memorial Day please remember the sacrifice of our war dead and pray that God’s eternal light rests upon their souls.” Simply put, well said, well written, well done, Mr. Bittner.

John Betsch


Trump has better body language

Seventy-five percent of human communication is through body language. This is why Trump will win in November. Compare Biden’s body language to Trump’s. Biden’s body language shows he moves like an elderly person. Trump’s body language is a vibrant younger person. Biden’s experience definitely shows he would be a better president, but as stated, 75% of human communication is through body language.

Warren McKnight


Be sure to vote!

Trump or no Trump? First, consider the numbers of probable active voters. How many are: Women who are concerned about women’s health? Men who love and support those women? LGBTQ? Non-white or recent immigrant citizens? Those who respect the police and legal system — law and order are important to them? In the military or families of the military? Expect our president to be honest, dependable and concerned about all Americans? Simply don’t trust Donald Trump? Add them up. How do you think they will vote? The truth is: Trumpers are a minority. It’s time for the rest of us to make that clear in the November election. Be sure to vote.

John Barnes


A double standard from the ICJ

On Friday, May 24, the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to “immediately halt its military offensive in Rafah” in the Gaza Strip. I wholeheartedly agree with the ICJ and encourage Israel to cease going after the Hamas terrorists in Rafah as soon as the ICJ orders Russia to halt its military offensive in Ukraine. If the ICJ cannot bring itself to fix this double standard, then I propose an alternative approach.

Take that nice-looking, rectangular building that houses diplomats from all over the world so they can live large in New York and violate parking restrictions to the tune of millions of dollars in unpaid fines for their lack of respect of our laws and tip the whole thing over into the East River. Once that’s accomplished, rebuild the UN in Moscow and see whether the Russians will permit scofflaws to disregard their laws.

Michael Levy


Just look at the facts

A recent letter writer needs a reality check about President Biden. During Biden’s first term he accomplished substantial achievements. Take a gander at these, compliments of Bloomberg News: Millions signed up for healthcare; salary increases are outpacing inflation; the cost of living is going down; green spending is booming; families are richer than ever; inequality is narrowing; the equity market is roaring. Yes, he’s old, but wise. May I remind him, the other guy is no spring chicken. To boot, he’s a an obese fraud. And knock it off with the jabs at our vice president, which are petty and unfounded. Do your homework and stick to the facts.

Deidre Sokol


We must remember these heroes as well

The unselfish valor of Medal of Honor recipient Garfield Langhorn and the courage of Navy Seal Wayne Meyer has been recognized in past editions of the Riverhead News-Review and The Suffolk Times. Before the importance of another Memorial Day fades away, I would like to recognize the lives of three other Riverhead alumni who lost their lives in Vietnam over a half-century ago.

Navy Third Class Petty Officer Richard Thomas Pinta was killed on July 29, 1967, as a “non-hostile sea casualty.” He was serving on the USS Forrestal when a rocket was accidentally fired into a helicopter that resulted in the explosion of a 1,000-pound and a 500-pound bomb. 134 crew members of the Forrestal were killed that day and 161 were injured. Future Senator John McCain sustained a minor injury during the catastrophe.

Army Specialist Franklin Denis Tinsley died on Oct. 6, 1968, as a result of “hostile action … small arms fire.” Tinsley served with the 101st Airborne and during the time he served his country, he earned, among others awards, the Combat Infantry Badge, Marksmanship Badge, the Parachutist Badge, the Vietnam Campaign Medal and the Vietnam Gallantry Cross.

James Reese Walters died on May 13, 1969, while serving as a crew member on a helicopter that crashed during hostile action in Thua Thien Province. A Riverhead resident who worked with Walters at Hill Korvette on Route 58 remembered him as “a friendly and funny guy, exhibiting leadership qualities among the other employees.” 

George Bartunek


I worry about what comes next

The following is a letter I sent to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. I have no expectations that he will either read it or respond, but I cannot just sit back and watch the Supreme Court disintegrate without voicing my concern. I hope others do as well. Voices must be heard, on both sides: 

I am a 74-year-old retired woman, the same age as you, who has five grandchildren from 18 to 26 years old. I am extraordinarily worried about the future of our country and how you can shore up what appears to be a Supreme Court in shambles.

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believe that to be true. I also believe that ego can and does corrupt. I really don’t care what Sam Alito the man cares about Jan. 6 or a Christian country, but I care enormously about what Samuel Alito the Supreme Court justice says either in rulings or on his homes.

I watched in horror the attack on the Capitol. I felt like my house was being invaded, as it was. I know that the Founding Fathers believed in a separation of church and state and cannot fathom that you chose to ignore it. Please take these words from a woman who, like you, has more days behind her than ahead, but unlike you has no power over the future. That is why I am writing to you. I have very little hope you will read this or respond, but at least I am telling my truth to power.

Rosellen Storm

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