Given the complexity of cesspools, you always want to leave the responsibility of fixing and servicing them to a seasoned professional, and CDM more than fills those shoes.

For three decades, CDM Cesspool Service has been keeping Suffolk County flowing smoothly and getting its residents out of sticky situations, who – as opposed to their neighbors in Nassau County – rely primarily on cesspools and septic systems instead of dedicated sewer lines for waste disposal.

Given the complexity of cesspools, you always want to leave the responsibility of fixing and servicing them to a seasoned professional, and CDM more than fills those shoes, boasting skilled and knowledgeable workers and experience with cutting-edge technology with the latest equipment in order to repair your septic system.

CDM Cesspool Service currently serves all of Suffolk County, and according to owner Mike Pepe, the company offers a multitude of services for both residential and commercial clients, including drain line cleaning, cesspool maintenance, video inspection of pipelines, cesspool locating, and much more.

In particular, cesspool locating is actually a very much in-demand service for CDM, considering the high number of cesspools that are located in Suffolk County. With that being the case, a person may buy a new property and be uncertain as to where the cesspool is located, or if there is even one at all; CDM can get to the bottom of that for them.

“I would say about 90 percent of Suffolk County homeowners still rely on cesspools,” Pepe said. “My two main jobs are normally cesspool location and drain line cleaning. If somebody has a clogged cesspool drain, we can absolutely take care of that for them.”

CDM also has the ability to do a complete video inspection of your septic system and cesspool lines to find and pinpoint the location of any problems that may be occurring, as opposed to having to go in blind and dig up your property, leaving it an unsightly mess.

A high-definition video line can be inserted into your system that is capable of traversing its entirety until the issue has been located; from there, CDM has the ability to remedy the problem with stents and sleeves – not unlike thoracoscopic surgery on a human being – making the process minimally invasive to your property. This is opposed to other companies that may not have the benefit of this technology, who instead would be forced to start digging up your yard in order to locate the malady and address it.

In addition, the video line that is inserted into your septic system also contains a transponder which indicates to the user the exact location of the camera and which direction it is traveling in at all times, essentially mapping out the exact layout of the septic system under the ground to ensure that the property owner doesn’t plant bushes or trees over the system that may grow and eventually interfere with its function.

And please note that CDM’s video inspection is provided FREE with any emergency repair service.

CDM’s skill, experience, and tech are compounded by their legendary attention to customer service, something that their many, many positive reviews on Google and other social media platforms can attest to, Pepe said.

“We always treat our customers with the respect they deserve, and we’re second to none when it comes to troubleshooting,” he said. “That dedication to doing a good job, each and every time, coupled with highly competitive pricing, has given us the stellar reputation that we have today.”

While CDM specializes in servicing residential customers, they will work with select commercial clients as well when the situation warrants it, and the company offers emergency service every night – seven days a week up until 10:00 p.m. – holidays excluded – so they’ll almost always be just a phone call away when trouble strikes.

So, when the “you-know-what” hits the fan and you need someone to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty, Pepe noted that no matter how messy the situation, CDM Cesspool can clean up your act and get you out the other end smelling like daises.

“This can be a difficult business and it takes a lot of hard work, but being able to help our clients makes all of the effort worthwhile,” he said. “There’s really no job that’s too big or too small, so if anyone needs our services, I highly recommend they give us a call today.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about CDM Cesspool Service, please call 631-642-7000, or visit their website at Spanish-speaking customers can be accommodated as well by either calling or visiting


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