The Long Island Inspiration Guide is Discover Long Island’s primary collateral fulfillment piece and call-to-action for the organization’s extensive and global marketing efforts.

Discover Long Island, the region’s only accredited destination marketing organization is excited to announce the launch of the latest Long Island, New York Inspiration Guide. The 60-page magazine-style guide, available in both print and digital formats, entices visitors and locals to Discover Long Island through captivating imagery, thematic storytelling, detailed maps, transportation, and attraction information. With the extensive amount of content to convey on Long Island’s geography, culture, history, events and more, most pages provide a QR code that takes interested readers to additional information available at for specific details on businesses and booking opportunities.

The Long Island Inspiration Guide is Discover Long Island’s primary collateral fulfillment piece and call-to-action for the organization’s extensive and global marketing efforts. Discover Long Island distributes 100,000 copies at hotels, Long Island MacArthur Airport, at various trade/consumer shows and events through the year and to individual visitors who request a copy of the guide. The Official Inspiration guide is also the only approved Long Island promotional piece distributed at the Long Island Welcome Center, which estimates 5,000 cars daily.

“We are proud to unveil and distribute the new edition of the Long Island Inspiration Guide, which is the perfect balance of intriguing content and stunning imagery that showcases the beauty and breadth of our unique destination,” said Discover Long Island President & CEO, Kristen Reynolds, CDME. “The guide lends our expertise, as an accredited Destination Marketing Organization, in showcasing the attractions, culture, events, dining, and downtowns that encompass our world class region, while driving the reader to the comprehensive and current digital content on through strategic QR codes, extending the guide’s evergreen status.”     

Packed with insider tips, hidden gems, signature events and must-see attractions, this guide is the ultimate companion for any traveler or resident seeking an authentic and unforgettable experience on Long Island. In addition to professional photography, the guide features user-generated content collected from social hashtags and providing a genuine glimpse of Long Island life and experiences.

The guide’s first section provides readers with a detailed description of each separate region of the island: Gold Coast, North Shore, South Shore, Fire Island, North Fork, South Fork, and Shelter Island. Then, the subsequent sections are organized based on the activity individuals may wish to engage in, titled: Be Salty, Be Adventurous, Be Cultured, Be Out & About, and Be Together. The back of the guide offers a three page fold out map of Long Island, complete with the main roads, beaches, and towns displayed, providing a useful tool when planning a trip.

A digital Inspiration Guide is available online and hard copies can be requested by emailing or calling 631-951-3900.


Discover Long Island is the region’s official destination marketing and leadership organization charged with furthering the destination’s thriving visitor economy, which saw recent record-breaking highs of $6.6 billion in visitor spending. The organization ensures Long Island’s coveted quality of life, thriving industries, and dynamic destination offerings are promoted on a global level, furthering economic development, and benefiting residents and businesses throughout the region.  Awarded “Best Social Media” in the nation by the US Travel Association, the organization produces engaging content featuring local businesses and attractions for their 11 social media channels which garner upwards of 10 million views.  Additionally, the organization hosts a popular YouTube series, Long Island TV, as well as the Long Island Tea podcast.  To learn more, please call 631-951-3900 or visit


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