Over 1,100 Athletes to Compete at Mitchel Field Athletic Complex May 31-June 1.

Nassau County Executive Bruce A. Blakeman and student athletes from the Henry Viscardi Center announced the 2024 Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged, which will be taking place Friday, May 31- Saturday, June 1, at the Mitchel Field Athletic Complex and Nassau Community College. 

Competitors travel from throughout New York State to Nassau County to participate in a weekend of fun athletic events alongside friends and family. There is great excitement surrounding the 38th Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged!

New York State funding was eliminated for the Games several years ago and the office of the Nassau County Executive, with the help of private sector sponsors, has kept the Games alive.

County Executive Blakeman said, “Each year I’m truly inspired by the remarkable athletes who compete in the Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged. It’s a sight to behold. I invite all Nassau Residents to join me at Mitchel Field on May 31st and June 1st to witness these incredible athletes in action and enjoy the festivities. I would also like to thank our generous sponsors that have allowed us to keep the Games alive here in Nassau County.”

Athletes will compete in track & field, slalom, archery, swimming, wheelchair basketball and table tennis. Participants, ranging from ages 5 to 21, face disabilities including blindness, visually impaired, deaf, hearing impaired, spinal cord injured, amputees and those who have cerebral palsy, dwarfism and other physical challenges.

In its 38th year, the Games will take place in part due to contributions from King Kullen – America’ First Supermarket – who has been a long-time sponsor helping to feed the athletes, while Hofstra University has committed to housing the athletes with only minimal costs for maintenance. Nassau Community College is the venue hosting swimming, wheelchair basketball, and table tennis events. The Nassau County Department of Health and Medical Reserve Corp volunteers will once again work to provide onsite medical care and response during the games. In addition, NICE Bus will provide shuttle bus service for participants.

The cost of participation is free, and the numbers of athletes increase each year, boasting over 1,100. The dedication brought forth by the parents, families, teachers, coaches and volunteers are critical to the success of the Games. 

Operating with a small staff, the Games are facilitated by those who return year after year to a program they love.   

For more information, please visit Nassau County Games for the Physically Challenged website at www.nassaucountypcgames.com


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