For the first time since 2013 and following a tide change, the Southold Town Republican Committee has elected a new chairman — Peter Ganley.

Members of the Southold Town Republican Committee elected the Cutchogue resident as their chairman last Tuesday. The local party group, like its Democratic counterpart, helps register voters from Laurel to Fishers Island and organizes campaign efforts for local elected officials. Ganley, formerly the Southold Town Republican Committee’s treasurer, now sits in its top seat at a time when there are more Southold residents registered as Democrats than Republicans, an anomaly in recent history. Last November, for the first time in more than a decade, Democrats secured a 4-2 majority on the Southold Town Board, with Justice Louisa Evans, representing Fishers Island, and Jill Doherty in the minority.

“I was proud to receive a unanimous vote from the Southold Republican Committee to serve as its next chairman,” Mr. Ganley said in an emailed statement. “It’s incredibly humbling and I take the responsibility very seriously. There is a lot of work to be done. It’s no secret that Republicans no longer have the registration majority in town. We are going to need to overcome that at the ballot box moving forward. We have incredible Republican officials in town that transcend partisan lines. Jill Doherty and Denis Noncarrow are both shining examples of who we want as public servants. Identifying candidates like them is half the battle. Championing their message of service, hard work and accountability is what will lead us the more victories like theirs in the future. Personally, I’m up for the challenge. This community means everything to me.”

Voters may recall Mr. Ganley’s name on their ballots back in 2022, when he challenged Fred Thiele Jr. (D-Sag Harbor) for his New York State Assembly seat. The first-time candidate secured nearly 45% of the vote in the race against the democratic incumbent. Now, the 28-year-old will focus on electing and reelecting local officials, including New York’s 1st Congressional District Rep. Nick LaLota (R-Amityville), for whom he works as operations director.

“Before we get to 2025, we have elections here in 2024,” Mr. Ganley said. “Nick LaLota is Southold’s greatest advocate in Washington and [New York State Senator] Anthony Palumbo [(R-New Suffolk)] puts Southold Town first in Albany every day,” Mr. Ganley said. “Re-electing them both, as well as electing Stephen Kiely to the New York State Assembly is critical to our mission. The Southold GOP will be working hard to ensure they all make it across the finish line in November and can continue their good work.”

Peter McGreevy (left) alongside Don Grim, the Republican candidate for supervisor Don Grim on Election Day 2023. (Nicholas Grasso photo)

Mr. Ganley has succeeded Peter McGreevy, who took over the seat from now-Town Clerk Denis Noncarrow in 2013. Mr. McGreevy decided to step down to run for Suffolk County Court Judge.

“Becoming a judge is the next challenge in my career, and I look forward to bringing my 27 years of experience as a civil litigator to the bench,” Mr. McGreevy said when asked about his decision to step down via email. “As judicial candidates may not hold leadership positions in political parties, I resigned upon my designation for office.

“Our committee had many successes and many challenges while I was chairman, as Southold’s quality of life and good government attracted new residents and new businesses to town,” Mr. McGreevy added. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and the Committee, and proud that working together, Southold has become one of the most desirable places on Long Island.”

When asked about his predecessor, Mr. Ganley described him as “a steady hand who navigated our town party through a period of intense demographic change.”

“He worked diligently to secure wins up and down the ballot for 11 years,” Mr. Ganley added of Mr. McGreevy. “It was a labor of love for him. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him these last few years.”

Peter Ganley on Election Day 2023. (Nicholas Grasso photo)
Peter McGreevy on Election Day 2023. (Nicholas Grasso photo)

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