Amanda Gross claims that ex-Chief Kenneth Kelly and Captain Josef Seier both conspired to intoxicate and subsequently assault her at the department’s Alken Avenue firehouse.

Two formerly high-ranking individuals at the Wantagh Fire Department are alleged to have intentionally gotten a former volunteer medic drunk and then sexually assaulted her, according to a new lawsuit filed by the alleged victim in Nassau County Supreme Court.

Amanda Gross is suing the Wantagh Fire Department, claiming that ex-Chief Kenneth Kelly and Captain Josef Seier both conspired to intoxicate and subsequently rape her at the department’s Alken Avenue firehouse after Seier’s January 2022 birthday party.

The complaint purports that Kelly and Seier pushed Gross to consume multiple alcoholic beverages in order to “take advantage of her impaired state and sexually assault her.” Gross claims that both men continuously made advances to her throughout the evening before dismissing the other party guests at approximately 2 a.m.

That point, Gross said she realized the two intended to assault her when she heard Kelly remark to Seier that they planned to “wet her like a sponge.” It was at that point that Seier and Kelly allegedly forced themselves on Gross, reportedly ignoring her cries of “no.”

“Seier kept telling the Plaintiff ‘come on’ and ‘what is a bad idea?’ while the Plaintiff repeatedly tried to fend him off as she was trapped between Defendant Seier and Defendant Kelly, Jr., as she was too intoxicated to leave,” the complaint reads. “Defendants removed the Plaintiff’s clothing from the waist down and Defendant Kelly forcibly bent the Plaintiff over the sink and vaginally penetrated her, unprotected and without her consent. At the same time, Defendant Seier forced the Plaintiff to perform fellatio on him, against her will, and without her consent.”

The lawsuit also claims that Kelly texted Gross the next day that read “Had fun last night. But remember, that’s between you me and Joe only forever.”

Gross, in her complaint against Kelly, Seier, and the Wantagh Fire District, claims that she suffered multiple bruises, contusions, and pain, in addition to severe psychological harm and depression. She is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.


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