Naomi Cohen, who attends Chabad of Great Neck Hebrew School, emerged victorious after months of intensive study, rigorous testing, and competitive regional semi-finals.

In a remarkable display of knowledge and dedication, Naomi Cohen, a 4th grader from Baker Hill Elementary School in Great Neck, NY, clinched the top trophy at the International Jewish Knowledge Championship. Competing against over 4,000 participants from 25 countries, Naomi’s achievement not only places Long Island on the map of global Jewish education but also stands as a beacon of hope in the shadow of rising antisemitism.

Naomi, who attends Chabad of Great Neck Hebrew School, emerged victorious after months of intensive study, rigorous testing, and competitive regional semi-finals. 

The JewQ Championship, facilitated by CKids, the Chabad Children’s Network, is a unique spelling bee-style competition designed to deepen participants’ understanding of Jewish traditions, history, and values. This year’s contest saw an unprecedented number of young scholars, including participants from the United Kingdom, Columbia, France, Australia, and Argentina, all vying for the coveted title.

Rabbi Zalman Baumgarten of Chabad of Great Neck Hebrew School, praised Naomi’s exceptional performance, stating, “Naomi’s mastery of the material and her achievement in winning the trophy is not just a personal milestone but a source of immense pride for our entire community.”

This year’s championship gains additional significance against a backdrop of increasing global antisemitism. Rabbi Baumgarten emphasized the crucial role of Jewish education in empowering youth: “Instilling a deep sense of Jewish identity through a comprehensive understanding of our heritage is essential. It equips our children to face the world with knowledge, pride, and confidence.”

The competition concluded with a live Championship event in Stamford, where Naomi showcased her knowledge before thousands in attendance and over fifty thousand online viewers. The local community, including friends and family, rallied at Chabad of Great Neck to support Naomi, culminating in a joyous celebration as she was awarded the top trophy.

Other local achievers were celebrated alongside Naomi, including Gold Medalists Nathaniel Moirzadeh (6th Grader, JFK Elementary School) and Ethan Moirzadeh (5th Grader, North Middle School), and Silver Medalists Nathaniel Halimi (5th Grader) and Oren & Olivia Halimi (3rd Graders, Baker Hill Elementary).

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky from Chabad Headquarters praised Naomi’s triumph and its broader impact: “Naomi’s victory is a testament to the vibrant future of Judaism. It sends a powerful message that, despite challenges, our traditions and values will continue to thrive, led by young leaders like Naomi.”

About CKids of Chabad of Great Neck

CKids at Chabad of Great Neck is part of the world’s largest Jewish educational network, dedicated to providing cutting-edge curricula and engaging programs. Through camps, programming, and educational experiences, CKids of Great Neck equips young Jews with the knowledge and confidence to navigate their Jewish identity in today’s world, fostering future generations of informed, proud, and proactive Jewish leaders.


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