Credit Union Launches TV advertising and marketing blitz before, during and after the big game.

The Super Bowl offers a huge marketing playing field for companies and Jovia Financial Credit Union, one of the countrys top 100 credit unions, is getting in the game.” The credit union is leveraging the media power of the big game to expand its brand with a 30-second regional Super Bowl television spot.

Jovia Financial Credit Union is advancing its brand in a bold way by creating awareness of its mission with a very large viewing audience throughout the New York DMA. The new campaign shares the values and benefits of banking with a not-for-profit credit union and educating prospective members about Jovias innovative products and services. The new television commercial takes a fun and creative approach of sharing Jovias brand message as well as informing audiences about the many advantages of being a member. External marketing efforts are combined with an employee engagement initiative that began weeks prior to the Super Bowl.

At Jovia, we are focused on bringing our innovative banking products and services to a larger audience. The Super Bowl and the excitement around it give us the perfect opportunity to share our message and educate others about the value of not-for-profit banking at Jovia Financial Credit Union. We are confident that when consumers learn about all we have to offer and how we deliver service to our members, they will be attracted to our mission,” said Jovia CEO John Deieso.

Along with television advertising, Jovia has also secured regional out-of-home advertising and launched a comprehensive print, social media and digital advertising program which includes takeovers” of leading news publications and websites.

Jovias internal employee engagement program focuses on inclusion and provides a way to rally together its more than 500 staff members through various contests and events. Employees have been provided swag and promotional items and are encouraged to share their excitement on social media. Activities will continue beyond game day to keep the momentum going and the new campaign top of mind. 

Jovia takes pride in building a strong corporate culture which continues to motivate our team and strengthen our organization. We have chosen to combine our external marketing efforts around the game with an internal employee Super Bowl Blitz initiative. This is a month-long series of fun activities that have energized our employees and increased their engagement across the company,” added Deieso.

Jovia Financial Credit Union offers a wide array of industry leading, powerful and easy-to-use mobile and online banking services. The credit unions banking without boundaries approach means that anyone in the United States can become a member. To learn about how to become a member or for more information about Jovia, visit

About Jovia Financial Credit Union  

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Jovia Financial Credit Union is one of the country’s top 100 credit unions with over $4.2 billion in assets, over 215,000 members, 22 branches, and access to over 55,000 fee-free ATMs worldwide. Jovia, an 85 year not-for-profit financial institution, provides low fees and affordable financial services and products to its members across the nation. The credit union is committed to ensuring great value through innovation while banking on the bright side. For more information or ways to join Jovia, visit, or call 1-855-JOVIA4U. 


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