The three bulls—now named Steve, Artie, and Robert—were found alongside 10 freezing piglets without access to food and water on a vacant property.

Less than a week after Carlos Lauro, 76, of Riverhead, pleaded guilty to fatally shooting a German Shepherd with a rifle, three bulls found hidden on an adjacent property have found a home at Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve in Montague, New Jersey.

The three bulls—now named Steve, Artie, and Robert—were found alongside 10 freezing piglets without access to food and water on a vacant property adjoining the slaughterhouse after rescuers accessed the property to remove a domestic goose who escaped Carlos Lauro’s property; but their harrowing adventure was far from over. This Saturday, it appears someone tried to heist the bulls by cutting a large hole in the fence to an adjoining preserve. Humane Long Island located the bulls in time to corral them back to Lauro’s property where they will be urgently moved to their forever home at Tamerlaine on Tuesday, January 23, at 12pm before another attempt can be made at their abduction. 

“From being slated for slaughter to being hidden from authorities and then nearly heisted, the harrowing adventure of these three sweet bulls—now named Steve, Artie, and Robert—finds a happy ending at Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve, a 336-acre vegan sanctuary where they will be loved and never eaten,” said John Di Leonardo, anthrozoologist and Executive Director of Humane Long Island, who rescued nearly 100 other animals, including piglets, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, a sheep, and a bunny from the property. “If the rescue of these sweet bulls or the deaths of dogs Blitzkrieg and Cranky move you, Humane Long Island urges you to reconsider the animals on your plate and go vegan. When it comes to the capacity to suffer and feel pain and fear, dogs are no different from chickens, goats, and cows.” 

“In light of recent distressing revelations, our hearts ache upon discovering the immense suffering and loss of innocent lives inflicted by Carlos Lauro. While the shocking nature of these findings saddens us, it underscores the pressing need for action. With nearly 100 legal slaughterhouses and wet markets still operating in the New York City area, it is imperative that we intensify our efforts to put an end to the unnecessary anguish endured by animals and the associated health risks posed to NYC residents,” said Gabrielle Stubbert, Executive Director of Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve. “In this challenging moment, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Humane Long Island and BEAST for their unwavering commitment to the welfare of animals. Their tireless work exemplifies their dedication to positively impacting our community and bringing about meaningful change.”

Humane Long Island is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the leading animal advocacy organization on Long Island, having stopped a slaughterhouse from opening in Islip and a sordid mall aquarium chain from expanding into Oyster Bay, amicably retired all the animals at a Malverne petting zoo to reputable sanctuaries, and stopped animal circuses and wild animal acts at fairs throughout the island. Humane Long Island reported this unlicensed slaughterhouse to New York State Agriculture & Markets in 2022. Over the past week, the charity has removed nearly 100 animals, including three cows, 10 freezing piglets, a dozen waterfowl, and dozens of sick and injured chickens, sheep, goats, and a bunny from Carlos Lauro’s slaughterhouse and an adjacent property. 

Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for abused, neglected, and otherwise discarded farmed animals. Established by Peter Nussbaum and Gabrielle Stubbert in 2014, Tamerlaine Sanctuary & Preserve was founded on the idea that rescuing animals from industrial agriculture and introducing them to the public is one of the most powerful ways to create positive change for animals and the world in which we live. Each animal rescued becomes an ambassador for his or her species, and by sharing their stories through our educational programs, Tamerlaine Sanctuary works to change the perception of farmed animals from food to individual beings with unique personalities and desires.


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