The winner of 2024’s award to receive $2,500 to put towards their esteemed educational goals.

The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe is currently offering its annual Scholarship Essay Contest for a qualified and deserving student, with the winner of 2024’s award to receive $2,500 to put towards their esteemed educational goals.

Applications for the scholarship are currently being accepted, with the deadline for submissions being June 13, 2024; any applications received after this date will be ineligible for consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be a New York State resident.

The Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe is committed to maintaining strong ties and giving back to the Long Island community, and to this end their teams regularly engage in volunteer work to assist those less fortunate. That volunteer work Cohen & Jaffe participates in can take a plethora of forms, ranging from assisting Long Island residents with legal issues to actively helping the underprivileged resolve financial or medical problems that they may be encountering, according to founding partner Richard Jaffe.

“Community service represents a critical aspect of our firm,” he said. “To further extend our commitment to giving back to the community, we want to help today’s young volunteers succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. When they venture out into their own careers, they will, in a way, be continuing our legacy.”

To apply for the Scholarship Essay Contest, applicants must fill out the online application form and meet the following qualifications:

  • Have a GPA of 2.5 (applies only to students already in college when applying)

  • Be admitted to or enrolled in an accredited college, university, or graduate school

  • Provide proof of enrollment as well as a college or high school transcript

  • Write and submit an essay on the topic described below

  • Agree to the scholarship’s terms and conditions

  • Complete and submit the application form

The topic of the aforementioned essay – which must be at least 750 words in length – should be based on your choice of ONE of the two following topics:

  • Topic #1 – Navigating Personal Injury: A Personal Perspective: Share a personal experience, either your own or someone close to you, with a personal injury incident. Reflect on the challenges faced during the aftermath and the role personal injury law played in seeking justice or compensation. Discuss what you believe could be improved in the current legal system based on your experience, and how your insights could contribute to positive change.

  • Topic #2 – Advocacy Beyond the Courtroom: Personal Commitment to Social Justice: Share a personal commitment to social justice and how it intersects with personal injury law. Discuss a cause or community initiative you have been involved in that addresses the needs of those affected by personal injuries. Reflect on how your personal experiences and values influence your approach to advocating for justice beyond the courtroom, and propose innovative ways the legal community can further contribute to social justice causes.

Once the essay on one of the two above topics has been completed, it should be saved as a Microsoft Word document and attached to the application form available at this link. Applicants are free to include personal anecdotes and descriptions of any volunteer projects that they may have personally spearheaded or participated in.

Applications must be received no later than June 13, 2024; any applications submitted past this date will not be considered. Again, all applicants must be New York State residents.

The winner of the contest will be announced by July 15th, 2024. Please click here to review a list of past winners of the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe Community Volunteer Scholarship.

For legal reasons, the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe is unable to accept any calls, emails, or other communication regarding the scholarship, nor are they able to answer any questions regarding it. The information available in this article contains all information needed to apply for the scholarship, and a representative from the Law Office of Cohen & Jaffe will reach out and contact any applicant if further information is needed.


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