Celebrate National Cut Your Energy Costs Day – Jan. 10 – with PSEG Long Island’s money-saving energy efficiency programs and simple tips

PSEG Long Island commends electric customers on Long Island and in the Rockaways for their commitment to the environment and saving energy, which collectively earned them an estimated $475 million in energy efficiency rebates over 10 years of using PSEG Long Island programs.

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, celebrated each year on Jan. 10, encourages people to find ways to reduce their energy usage. On Long Island and in the Rockaways, customers have been doing just that.

“It’s great that customers are making a commitment to saving energy and the environment through large and small measures to use energy more efficiently, and we’re glad to provide the rebates to encourage it,” said Michael Voltz, PSEG Long Island’s director of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. “PSEG Long Island supports National Cut Your Energy Costs Day because providing customers with money-saving options to save energy is a win for the customer, a win for the community and a win for the earth. When customers cut their electricity usage, it puts less strain on the grid, reduces their carbon footprint and results in more money in customers’ bank accounts.”

For customers who have made a New Year’s resolution to save money, energy and/or the environment this year, PSEG Long Island offers free tools for customers to assess their home’s energy usage and energy-saving tips:

Assessment tools:

  • The Home Energy Assessment is PSEG Long Island’s comprehensive in-home evaluation of their home’s energy use, heating, cooling and weatherization. The results can determine whether a customer is eligible for incentives and/or low-interest loans for making their space more energy efficient.

  • My Smart Energy Home is an interactive tool for adults and children. Users can navigate around the rooms of a virtual home to visualize potential energy savings and usage.

Heating and cooling tips:

  • Heating and cooling account for the majority of a home’s energy usage. Minimize the costs with energy efficient equipment.

  • Save up to 10% a year on heating and cooling costs by lowering the thermostat in winter or raising it in summer by just 7-10 degrees. Source: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

  • Don’t heat or cool an empty house – manage your home’s temperature automatically with a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat controlled with a smartphone.

  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program estimates that properly used programmable thermostats can save users more than $180 a year. PSEG Long Island offers rebates on smart thermostats.

  • Lower energy use while saving money on cold and hot days by installing a high efficiency air source heat pump (ASHP).

  • PSEG Long Island’s Home Comfort program offers robust rebates for ducted ASHP units, ducted geothermal heat pumps and ductless mini split systems.

  • PSEG Long Island’s Home Comfort Plus program offers enhanced rebates for customers who meet certain income qualifications.

  • Prevent drafts by sealing windows and doorframes with weather stripping or caulk, and removing window air conditioners during the colder months.

  • Save energy and money in winter with ceiling fans. A fan rotating clockwise on low pulls cool air toward the ceiling and pushes warm air down.

  • Customers can compare their home’s heating and cooling costs by checking PSEG Long Island’s Heating Comparison Calculator.

Tips for lighting and electric devices:

  • Replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs.

  • According to the DOE, lighting accounts for about 15% of electricity used in the home.

  • LEDs use approximately 75-90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer.

  • Install timers and motion detectors to automatically manage indoor and outdoor lighting and shut off lights when they are not in use.

  • Electronic devices plugged into outlets use electricity even when they are turned off.

  • Reduce “phantom power” by using energy efficient power strips and/or unplugging these items when they are not in use.

  • PSEG Long Island offers rebates for a variety of energy efficient products, including air purifiers, heaters and dehumidifiers, advanced power strips and appliances.

  • Learn how driving an electric vehicle (EV) can save energy, money and reduce environmental impacts

Save money with electric vehicles (EV):

  • Learn how driving an electric vehicle (EV) can save energy, money and reduce environmental impacts.

  • Installing EV charging stations can earn business owners and builders substantial rebates.

  • PSEG Long Island’s EV Make Ready incentive program offers significant savings for commercial customers who support accessible EV charging by putting in EV chargers at businesses, multi-unit dwellings, or in public areas.

For more tips, customers can check out PSEG Long Island’s 66 Ways to Save and share their favorites in the Cut Your Energy Costs Day conversation on social media – use the hashtag: #CutYourEnergyCostsDay and tag @PSEGLI.

Independent annual evaluations by Demand Side Analytics (DSA) have found PSEG Long Island’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs to be cost-effective and energy-saving. DSA’s 2022 evaluation showed that PSEG Long Island Energy Efficiency Programs, including rebates, generated approximately $1.36 in benefits to society for every $1 in costs to operate the program.

PSEG Long Island

PSEG Long Island operates the Long Island Power Authority’s transmission and distribution system under a long-term contract.  PSEG Long Island is a subsidiary of Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. (PSEG) (NYSE:PEG), a publicly traded diversified energy company.



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