The chain has a long and rich history in bringing unique and delectable Muslim cuisine to the masses.

The Halal Guys is a global franchise that started over 30 years ago as a single hot dog cart, and has evolved since then into a global presence with over 100 operational stores and plans for continued growth. Long Islanders who have frequented their Farmingdale and East Meadow locations are already familiar with their delicious food, and the franchise is planning to soon expand throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties to satisfy ever-growing demand.

Long Island The Halal Guys franchisee Khattab Abuattieh notes that the chain has a long and rich history in bringing this unique and delectable Muslim cuisine to the masses.

“The Halal Guys started back in 1990 as a food cart on the corner of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan,” he said. “Three Egyptian founders – Mohamed Abouelenein, Ahmed Elsaka, and Abdelbaset Elsayed – came to the U.S. in search of new opportunities and started by selling hot dogs from a cart when they quickly identified a demand in the area for quick and inexpensive Halal meals on the go for Muslim taxi drivers.”

“News of the new Halal menu began to attract new followers and a loyal fan base and before they knew it, they were able to expand the number of carts they had, each synonymous with long lines,” Abuattieh continued. “In 2014, they opened their first brick-and-mortar location and have expanded to over 100 locations domestically and internationally since.”

The Halal Guys’ menu offers a variety of delectable Halal dishes including gyro, chicken and falafel sandwiches and platters.

“The Halal Guys prides itself on being different. The authenticity and quality of our food is unmatched,” Abuattieh said. “Each dish is made with aromatic herbs, spices and zesty flavors and premium quality Halal meats. Whether our guests are trying something new or looking for the comfort of flavors from home, we have something for everyone. The Halal Guys menu uses clean, ingredients and many of the items are accessible to those who are on a ketogenic or Whole30 diet.”

“The Halal Guys is a truly authentic taste of flavors that can’t be replicated in any other cuisine format,” he continued. “The clean ingredients and uniqueness of the flavors are unparalleled. For your first visit, you might want to try our Combo Platter, featuring the best of both worlds for a mix of beef gyro and chicken or falafel, perfectly seasoned and served with rice, our signature toppings, and our famous white sauce and hot sauce.”

Abuattieh noted that before he opened his own The Halal Guys locations in Farmingdale and East Meadow – which he noted are great towns with an ideal mix of retail and office businesses, ensuring a steady stream of hungry people at lunch time – he himself was a regular customer of the franchise.

“I loved the food and concept, and became one of the first franchisees to sign up,” he said.

While possessing a master’s degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, I always had a passion for the food business industry. I opened my first restaurant in 2003 and have been in the industry since then.”

The Farmingdale and East Meadow The Halal Guys locations operate daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. The Farmingdale restaurant has a seating capacity of 26, and the East Meadow location has a seating capacity of 22.

Abuattieh said that since opening his own restaurants, response to The Halal Guys has been overwhelmingly positive, and he in turn greatly appreciates the support of his community.

“Since the Long Island locations opened their doors in 2018, the community has truly embraced The Halal Guys and the authenticity of the food,” he said. “Our guests might have been familiar with The Halal Guys carts in the city, but we are proud to serve them from the first, local brick-and-mortar restaurants. They can get the food they know and love without the drive.”

At the end of the day, Abuattieh said that being the owner of Long Island’s The Halal Guys locations has been a very rewarding experience and one that he hopes to continue with for many years to come while bringing the delights of authentic Muslim food to his many customers.

“It feels good to provide authentic halal food for the community,” he concluded. “Business has been great and the feedback from the community has been positive, so we are grateful to be able to do what we love and be part of our community in this way.”

If you’re interested in learning more about The Halal Guys, please visit for more information or place an online order.  The Halal Guys app is also available for mobile orders, and you can see what the franchise is up to on social media – including new locations and menu items – by visiting The Halal Guys on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


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