The Harvard Corporation, which oversees the university, said on Wednesday, Dec. 20 that Gay would request three corrections to her 1997 Ph.D. dissertation, the Harvard Crimson reported.

The corrections follow an independent review by the corporation, which found that Gay had not properly attributed some of her sources but the incidents didn’t rise to the level of serious wrongdoing, the Crimson reported. 

The additional corrections stem from the corporation’s first review of Gay’s academic work, in which she “proactively” submitted corrections to two other scholarly articles that had “a few instances of inadequate citation.”

The corporation’s review also comes after Gay, along with presidents of the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), testified before the House Education Committee on campus antisemitism.

Gay faced calls to resign following the testimony, but the corporation said in a statement that the president would keep her job at the university.

House Education and Workforce Committee Chair Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) said in a letter to the corporation on Wednesday that the committee would expand its look into Harvard’s president.

“Our concern is that standards are not being applied consistently, resulting in different rules for different members of the academic community,” Foxx wrote. “If a university is willing to look the other way and not hold faculty accountable for engaging in academically dishonest behavior, it cheapens its mission and the value of its education.”

MIT also pushed back on calls for university president Sally Kornbluth to resign following the congressional hearing.

Liz Magill, however, did resign from her position as the University of Pennsylvania’s president over the same criticism.

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