The “Trade Bridge” event – 134th Canton Fair Global Promotion USA Special Session, organized by Bridgefield, brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders in a dynamic exchange of ideas aimed at fortifying global trade relations.

The 134th Canton Fair, scheduled to open on October 15th, 2023, is poised to be a pivotal moment in the realm of international trade. Held on September 27, 2023, at Pine Hollow Club in East Norwich, New York, the event drew an illustrious gathering of participants. Attendees included representatives from government officials, renowned corporations, and innovative entrepreneurs, all converging to explore the opportunities and challenges of U.S.-China commerce.

The event commenced with an engaging interactive session, fostering connections and sharing of insights among the participants. The program continued with a series of enlightening speeches from distinguished speakers who provided valuable perspectives on various aspects of global trade.

Counselor Yao, representing the Economic and Commercial Office of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, highlighted that economic and trade relations are a cornerstone of the China-U.S. relationship and called for increased dialogue and practical cooperation to steer the relationship in the right direction. He reinforced the importance of the Canton Fair, which serves as a vital platform for international trade cooperation, in promoting international trade and cooperation.

Chong Li, President of the Science & Technology Economic Committee of China-US Chamber of Commerce, a Professor at Columbia University, and the Founder of Oort Data Cloud, provided a deep dive into the importance of big data and AI products for future global economic growth. Large-scale AI models are rapidly finding applications across various industries. Li and his team have been actively involved in research and implementation in this area, with the recent development of an AI customer service solution, which greatly enhances the customer service experience by providing 24/7 service. AI operations cost less and have higher efficiency than traditional call centers. 

Jerry Lewin, Vice President of Hyatt Regency Hotels, shared his vast experience in the hospitality industry, highlighting the industry’s resilience and potential for growth. 

Ying Shen, Managing Director at JP Morgan and an expert in finance, highlighted the crucial role financial institutions play in international trade as they provide essential support for the smooth execution of international trade by offering financing, risk management, and international payment solutions. He also underlined that Canton Fair, as the world’s largest foreign trade platform, has made immense contributions to global trade and economic development, serving as a means of cultural, technological, and intellectual exchange. 

The program culminated in a networking dinner, offering attendees the opportunity to forge lasting connections and engage in informal discussions, further enhancing the spirit of collaboration.

The ‘Trade Bridge’ event stands as a resounding testament to the significance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the global trade arena. It served as a vital platform for nurturing international relationships, propelling economic prosperity, and fortifying the bilateral bonds between the United States and China.

This event’s triumph mirrors the unwavering dedication of all participants in bridging divides and fashioning opportunities in the realm of international trade. As we anticipate the 134th Canton Fair, poised to usher in a new era of global commerce on October 15th, 2023, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering a world of interconnected trade and shared prosperity.

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