David Brooks, a conservative columnist for the New York Times, expressed regret for a tweet where he complained about spending $78 for a meal of a hamburger, fries and bourbon at Newark Airport.

The viral post on the X platform (formerly known as Twitter) has been viewed more than 38 million times, earning Brooks plenty of mockery and the restaurant, Smokehouse, located in Terminal A, plenty of notoriety. 

Appearing on the PBS Newshour on Friday, Sept. 22, Brooks admitted he screwed up and should not have written the tweet.

“It made it seem like I was oblivious to something that is blindingly obvious,” Brooks said. “An upper middle class journalist having a bourbon at an airport is a lot different than a family living paycheck to paycheck. When I’m getting sticker shock it’s an inconvenience, when they are getting sticker shock, it’s a disaster.”

Brooks’ mea culpa came after internet sleuths discovered the food cost only $18, meaning Brooks was loading up on bourbon to get the bill so high. In response, Smokehouse announced it is offering the D. Brooks special, a hamburger, fries and a double shot of whiskey for $17.78.

While admitting he made a mistake, Brooks offered advice that everyone could take to heart.

“I probably should not write any tweets,” Brooks said. 

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