A proposed zoning change by the Austin City Council this week sparked a strong reaction from elected officials and local residents.

The proposal, sponsored by Councilman Leslie Pool, voted 9-2 to give preliminary approval to changing the minimum lot size for single-family homes from 5,750 square feet to 2,500 square feet. report.

The motion led to three hours of heated exchanges between Austinites and council members. One resident called the proposal a “let them eat their cake” policy, saying it would allow developers to take advantage of skyrocketing land values ​​while homeowners “will have to sell, and we’re going to have to sell to developers, not families.”

Poole defended the idea.

“It doesn’t eliminate single-family zoning. It doesn’t change the zoning of anyone’s property. It doesn’t mandate a reduction in existing single-family lots,” she told the outlet. “No changes were made today.”

According to the draft proposal, the measure would also allow more housing units to be built on each lot in an effort to expand housing opportunities for residents of different income levels.

A minority of residents supported the zoning change, citing the need for more affordable housing and density. According to the media report, it was young residents who supported the motion.

Council members Alison Alter and Mackenzie Kelly voted against Poole’s proposal.

— Quinn Donoghue

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