The arrest warrant for Fairfield County resident Meghan Rice, 51, of Newtown, describes the events that killed the 45-year-old mother of three on Friday, June 23, while she was out walking on Reading Road in Fairfield Township.

When Fairfield police arrived, they found a neighbor performing chest compressions on Raveis, who was thrown more than 30 feet from his shoe and stopped at the head of a fire hydrant, the warrant said.

She suffered severe injuries to the head and facial area.

Nearby, Rice, who was working as a babysitter, stood crying and shaking as she told police she hadn’t seen Travis before attacking her and that she had three children in her jeep.

She added that when she arrived in Lavis, she was taking the trail to Westport.

Around the same time, Fairfield firefighters arrived and began providing advanced life support, and Travis was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 3:35 p.m., the warrant said.

The parents of the children were taken away after receiving a call, police said.

Police also went to Travis’s home and met with her husband, Ryan Travis, co-president of William Travis & Co., to request a photo of Megan Travis and match it to the one at the scene, the warrant said.

Police also notified Mr Lavis of the accident and his wife’s injuries.

The arrest warrant said the Jeep was traveling southbound on Reading Road when the crash occurred and was unable to stay in the correct lane of travel.

The vehicle crossed the double yellow lines, continued southbound on the northbound lane, swerved left, hit a mailbox, and then Lavis.

After hitting Lavis, the Jeep swerved into the northbound lane, re-crossed the double yellow line and stopped in the southbound lane, the warrant said.

The warrant did not say what caused Rice to lose control of the vehicle — much of it was redacted — or why she did not provide assistance to Travis.

Rice was charged in a car crash on Monday, July 17:

  • vehicular manslaughter
  • failing to keep right
  • driving too fast

She was released on a $100,000 bond and is due to appear in court on Monday, July 31.

Travis is a well-known fundraiser and was previously managing director of the William Travis Charitable Fund, which raises money to help fund and support breast cancer patients, according to the fund’s website. She is also known for her involvement in local charities.

“Meghan lived a wonderful and fulfilling life,” her obituary said. “She humbly touched the lives of countless people, without asking for praise or attention, her heart was full of family affection and friendship.”

According to her obituary, Meghan was born and raised in Springfield, Massachusetts, where with the love of her family, she developed her character and multiple skills that would be reflected in her later life achievements.

She graduated from Williams College in 2000 with a degree in Psychology.

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