Dirty barbecues can actually cause a host of health problems for families, such as exposure to carcinogens, corrosion, sludge buildup, and unsightly rodent droppings.

It’s summer on Long Island right now, and there’s nothing locals like to do more than hang out with family and friends in a tidy backyard, fire up the grill, and enjoy a truly delicious barbecue cookout, be it a burger, hot dog, steak, or whatever else makes your mouth water.However, if your grill is currently substandard – or not working at all – then you need the proven service of a true professional to fix the problem, and here is Update on BBQ Cleaning Services in Smithtown, NY Come in.

Many people simply take the cleanliness and sanitation of their backyard grills for granted, but over the years, increasingly dirty grills can actually lead to a host of potential health problems for families, such as increased carcinogen exposure, corrosion, sludge caked on, and even unsightly rodent droppings.

However, according to husband-and-wife owners Maria and Bobby, Renew Grill Cleaning—a seasonal business currently celebrating its successful seventh year—can clean up your grill and give it a new look.

“We are a family run local BBQ cleaning and repair service,” says Maria. “We’ll come over and steam clean your grill. Also, my husband is a retired Local 3 union electrician and he can fix any issues you might have with your grill, no matter the brand or state of disrepair.”

Renew BBQ has qualifications and experience servicing and cleaning all major manufacturers, so much so that many have actually contacted them to arrange for the company to perform warranty work for them throughout the tri-state area.

Maria reviews the rigorous cleaning process that Renew BBQ offers its customers; first, a thorough steam cleaning and scrubbing of the elements on the grill, followed by a head-to-toe scrubbing, degreasing, sanitizing and polishing of the actual grill itself, using only the best eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Renew BBQ Cleaning also offers some services that are not usually associated with such companies; namely mosquito spraying, which Maria says is something her clients ask them to do on a regular basis. After all, who wants to sit in the backyard grilling delicious meat while having to face swarms of nasty mosquitoes? Mosquito killers seemed to go hand in hand with their core service, and it only made sense to start offering it, she said.

“One of our guys used to work for a company called Mosquito Joe’s, so we decided to put him to work because when I call a client back, the first thing they do is thank me for calling back—because apparently no one else in his business bothers to call people back—but once we build trust in their home and backyard, they want to know what else we do. So we decided to do some extensions and help these people’s backyards become a more comfortable summer place.”

Maria and Bobby started Renew BBQ Cleaning after they both retired and found the extra time on their hands a bit boring; after some research, they stumbled across an ad in a magazine that pointed them in the direction of their new career.

“My husband and I were talking and we decided we needed to do something else because retirement just wasn’t right for us,” she said. “I found Working From Home magazine at Barnes & Noble, and there was a little ad in the corner that said: ‘Turn your BBQ into a business.’ We did our research and bought what we called a ‘business in a box.'”

This “business in a box” was provided by a gentleman experienced in the field who provided Maria and Bobby with the tools and equipment they needed to start their own owned and operated BBQ cleaning business, as well as the hands-on guidance they needed to start their business.

Renew BBQ Cleaning serves all of Long Island, and in some cases, they’ve even traveled to places like Connecticut and Westchester to find suitable jobs.

Renew BBQ is a true family owned and operated business; in addition to Maria and her husband, the business also employs their three children, in addition to their nephew, her daughter’s boyfriend and her boyfriend’s brother.

“When I say it’s a family business, I mean it’s a family business,” Maria said.

What started out as simply taking up some spare time and generating some side income for the family quickly became more complicated than anyone expected. After a modest first season, word of Renew BBQ spreads quickly, and before they know it, Mary and Bobby find they have too much business on their hands. They started out with one trailer, quickly expanded to two vans, and the business has grown to the point where they now have a waiting period, which customers are more than happy to accept.

“We had 50 clients the first year, which was great because that was enough to keep us busy and put some extra money in our pockets,” she says. “Next year, there will be 250 customers, and right now people are waiting four to six weeks for us to clean their grills. We typically have two teams that go out and grill four or five times a day, five to six days a week.”

Renew BBQ’s annual season typically starts in late February and runs through around November, depending on the weather; the business’s busiest times are Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and the Fourth of July, though business remains busy throughout the season.

Despite life’s hectic seasons, Maria says it’s been a great feeling later in life that she and Bobby have found a new career and watched it take off and grow into a very successful and in-demand family business.

“It was a great feeling, especially because we had tried other things beforehand and it didn’t really work, so I felt like it was a learning process and a stepping stone to this business,” she said. “We feel so blessed. Sometimes in the office I get overwhelmed when three lines go off at the same time, but it’s still a great feeling.”

To learn more about renewing grill cleaning, call 631-265-WASH or visit https://www.renewbbqcleaning.com.

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