On Thursday, July 13, a Manhasset woman received an email she believed to be from PayPal, according to Nassau County Police.

The email claimed fraudulent payments to the woman’s PayPal account and gave her a phone number.

When she called the fake PayPal number, they told her she owed $39,000.

She was told that to withdraw the money, representatives of the U.S. Department of Justice would come to her home to collect the money.

The victim obliged and handed the envelope full of money to an unidentified man who showed up at her home.

A few days after the incident, the victim decided to contact the police.

During the department’s investigation, the man contacted the victim again, this time demanding an additional $10,000 and arranging a meeting with her, Nassau County Police reported.

The woman allegedly gave the crook an envelope when the two met, but it is unclear if the envelope contained cash.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of fraud:

  • Yisheng Zhang, aged 29;
  • Wu Bolun, 29 years old.

Additionally, police found a substance believed to be ketamine in the crook’s car.

Zhang and Wu were charged with grand larceny and possession of a controlled substance.

They are due to appear at First District Court on Wednesday, July 19.

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