Stefan Soloviev’s next real estate investment could be an abandoned minor league baseball stadium in Rhode Island.

The billionaire real estate scion told the Providence Journal that he is willing to buy and restore McCoy Stadium, the former home of the Pawtucket Red Sox, which is home to the Boston Red Sox. The top three affiliated teams of the team, Reported by There’s just one problem: Residents of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, have voted to tear it down so a new high school can be built on the property.

“Right now I’m being told I can’t buy land, but the people of Rhode Island have to do some groundwork on the ground if they want this to happen,” Soloviev said.

Soloviev has ties to the state since attending the University of Rhode Island, but he discovered the property through his son Quentin Soloviev, who is from Potaki The Red Sox are eyeing the franchise ahead of its move to Worcester in 2021.

Quentin Soloviev said in an interview on the local news radio talk show: “I was a little bit sad, like everyone else, to hear about the plans for the closure of the stadium, and I wanted to record it one last time with my drone.” dad.

Soloviev said in the same interview that he would likely make the stadium home to an independent team and that he thought the venture could be profitable.News of Soloviev’s interest in Soloviev comes after billionaire heir to Sheldon Solow’s real estate empire in real deal Show + Forum NYC said he has no further plans to invest in New York City real estate. Instead, he will focus on applications for a flagship office building at 9 West 57th Street and the city’s first casino.

“I’m not planning to buy any other buildings in New York right now,” he said. “Nine West 57th Street is my number one priority in New York, [the casino bid at] Liberty Square is my top priority. “

Unfortunately for him and baseball fans in general, a spokesman for Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grabeen said a potential sale was “not possible” because the demolition vote is final.

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Grace Wall, a representative for the mayor’s office, said Pawtucket leaders were willing to discuss rebuilding opportunities elsewhere in the city, but Soloviev said he had not received a call as of Friday morning.

“He must be busy, and I am too,” Soloviev said. “We tried to reach him a few times but I have yet to speak to him. His office contacted me last night.”

— Harrison Connelly

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