The tragic Albany County Fire brings the 2023 residential fire death toll to 98.

The tragic house fire in New Scotland last weekend has sadly added four more people to the state’s growing fires. Residential Fire Death Toll 2023. Unfortunately, in 2017, 2018, and 2019, New York led the nation in fire deaths. The state is now on track to be nominated for the same disgrace again in 2023. Earlier this year, FASNY warn As of March 14, New York State is again on track to become the state with the most fire deaths in the country, with 45 residential fire deaths as of March 14. That number has climbed to 98 this week, nearly double the death toll from home fires in the next closest states, Texas and Texas. Ohio (59), Pennsylvania (57) and California (55).

These deadly fires know no region. Destructive and deadly house fires are taking place not just in the densely populated neighborhoods of New York City, but also in Long Island, Buffalo, the Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks, the Upstate and other communities around the state where volunteer firefighters The community provided the vast majority of assistance.

The latest tragedy in New Scotland occurred in the early hours of Saturday 8 July. According to 911 calls, the two were unable to escape because of the air conditioner in the window. It’s unclear if the home has smoke alarms. Thankfully, no firefighters were injured after the blazeMore than a dozen volunteer fire brigades rushed to the scene.

Whether it’s a fire caused by an exploding lithium-ion battery, or something as simple as home cooking, making sure all homes have working smoke detectors will save lives. Nationwide, two-thirds of residential fire deaths occur in homes with no or non-working smoke alarms. Of the 98 fire deaths in New York this year, 48 occurred in homes without smoke alarms, according to the US Fire Administration. Families facing today’s economic challenges may not have the resources to purchase these devices, putting them at greater risk of injury or death in the event of a fire.

Change is long overdue, and the answer to this question is two-fold. New York State Fire Fighters Association (FASNY) is a strong supporter of public education on fire safety and is working steadfastly to raise awareness and create change about this issue. Fire prevention is a critical step in reducing fire casualties. FASNY also supports economic incentives to make fire safety equipment more accessible, including legislation to introduce tax exemptions for smoke detectors and other home fire safety items, restore funding for local fire and building codes, and strengthen code enforcement and penalties for violations .

Even with the best fire safety education, prevention, and enforcement efforts, fires still happen.This latest fire in Albany County should be extra close to home – New Scotland is coming eight miles west new york capital. Retaining and building a statewide corps of volunteer firefighters is critical to maintaining a preparedness and response environment. In addition to hosting the annual statewide RecruitNY Volunteer Recruitment Event, FASNY continues to advocate in Albany for policies that support the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters. This includes recognizing the service of the state’s 80,000 dedicated volunteers through tax incentives and other policies and programs. (FASNY reported earlier this year that volunteer firefighters in New York Saves New York taxpayers $4.7 billion annually through their services. )

“The number of home fire deaths in New York this year is shocking and disappointing,” said FASNY President Edward Tase, Jr. . For a safer New York for all. We call on the nation to take immediate action to improve fire safety. In the meantime, we encourage all residents to ensure their smoke detectors are working and that there is at least one smoke detector on every floor of the home, especially outside sleeping areas. The seconds a smoke detector gives a resident during an emergency can literally save lives. “

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