Are you concerned about becoming a victim of crime?

The poll, released Wednesday, July 12, found that 61 percent of state residents are very (21 percent) or somewhat (40 percent) concerned about becoming a victim of crime.

The researchers also found that 51 percent of New Yorkers are concerned about the safety of themselves or their family members in public places. 36% of respondents said they felt threatened by the behavior of strangers in public in the past year.

This growing concern is reflected in people’s purchasing decisions, the survey found.

40% of residents said they spent $100 or more on products or services in the last year to make them feel safer. 12% spent more than $500.

Specifically, 34 percent purchased a home security camera and 32 percent purchased security lights with motion sensors.

A quarter have signed up for a professionally monitored home security system, while one in six New Yorkers has taken a self-defense class. Twelve percent said they bought guns to protect themselves.

When it came to actual crime, nearly one in 10 (nine percent) said they had been physically assaulted, and nine percent had been the victim of a burglary.

The poll showed that nearly 40% of people have witnessed violence or threats in public, and 41% said they have never been more worried about their personal safety than they are today.

A majority (58%) of respondents said they no longer worry as much about being a victim of crime as they did in the past.

“According to New Yorkers, crime doesn’t just happen to people far away,” said Siena College pollster Don Levy.

“While 87% say crime is a serious problem in our state and 57% say it is a problem in their community, a whopping 61% say they worry about crime happening to them, and most worry about themselves or Their loved ones are safe in public and many are taking steps to protect themselves as much as possible,” he continued.

“New Yorkers across the state agree that crime is a serious problem, yet New York City residents are more likely than residents living in metropolitan suburbs to see crime as a serious problem in their community and a threat to them personally .or North.”

The Siena College Poll was conducted June 4-12, a random telephone survey of 382 New York adults by landline and cell phone, and 420 responses were provided through a proprietary New Yorker online panel.

Are you concerned about becoming a victim of crime? Get your voice heard in our poll above.

Read the full Siena College poll results here.

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