The 93-year-old Hilton Head woman has some star power behind her in a legal battle with developers to keep her home.

Billionaire screenwriter and filmmaker Tyler Perry, best known for his character Madea; NBA star Kyrie Irving and rapper Meek Mill express sympathy amid ongoing battle Supported by Serphine Wright, The Island Post reports.

Perry shared footage of the Wright family’s struggles on social media, asking how he could help her.

Philly’s Mill also commented on Perry’s post, denouncing the developer’s actions as “corporate bullying at its finest.”

Owen further supported Wright’s cause by donating $40,000 to her family’s GoFundMe page to cover their legal defense. To date, the effort has raised over $100,000.

A few months ago, developer Bailey Point Investment sued Wright and his family, alleging that their 1.8-acre property encroached on Bailey’s 29-acre housing development.

The company, which built the 147-unit Bailey’s Cove near Wright’s property, said the encroachments were a shed and a satellite dish, as well as the home’s back porch, both of which had been moved .

Wright believes the lawsuit, which has cost the family thousands of dollars, is an excuse for the family to sell the property she has lived in for three decades to a developer.

In fact, the developers in the lawsuit challenged Wright’s title to the land, an issue that was not raised before construction began.

Roberts Vaux, an attorney for the family, said large corporations often take legal action to force small landowners to sell their Hilton Head Island properties.

Bailey Point has denied Wright’s allegations of harassment and intimidation; litigation is ongoing.

Ted Glazer

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