this is already a tough week For Mayor Eric Adams, it’s not his fault.

six people charged 27 items He allegedly tapped 29 straw donors to back his 2021 campaign and believes the money raised will lead them to construction contracts for major public developments.

At the same time, the ecological safety consultant was also sued. A Queens-based Site Safety Management Company Owned by two defendants, Yahya Mushtaq and Shahid Mushtaq.

The Mushtaq family and Dwayne Montgomery, Shamsuddin Riza, Millicent Reddick and Ronald Peake face charges of conspiracy, attempted grand theft and false statements.

“We allege this was a deliberate conspiracy to manipulate the system in a flagrant attempt to seize power,” said District Attorney Alvin Bragg. in the press release.

Prosecutors said the scheme was designed to trigger the New York City campaign finance committee to provide Adams with matching funds that the defendants hoped would give them prestige on the Brooklyn Lifeline project, a $1.4 billion government-funded development.

It’s not the smartest plan: Significant Brooklyn isn’t even a city project. The program is largely state-funded and supported by Andrew Cuomo until he is ousted as governor in August 2021.

Adams, who won the mayoral race that year, has not been charged with involvement in the scheme. His campaign has pledged to cooperate with the investigation.

According to the indictment, Montgomery recruited friends and relatives to take advantage of the city’s generous campaign finance system, which provides an eight-for-one match on the first $250 in donations made by city residents.

Vital Brooklyn includes many components, the most recent being a 107-unit apartment building at 680 Winthrop Street by Jeff Levine’s Douglaston Development.

“FYI! Here’s what I want, security, drywall, and security, a project we can all eat,” Riza allegedly wrote in the July 2021 email to Montgomery, attaching Information about important Brooklyn.

Riza and his company in the Bronx, United Brothers Professional Constructionalso accused of unrelated case Conspiring to falsify business records.

In at least one conversation captured by authorities, Peake warned Riza to use straw donors who would not give up.

“You have to be careful because you have to make sure it’s done through staff they trust,” Pique said. “It’s nothing to say, because remember people went to jail for it.”

In fact, cases of straw donations have repeatedly emerged over the years to take advantage of public matching funds or exceed donation limits.

A well-orchestrated donation by developer Gerald Migdol led to criminal charges against Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin and his departure from state government. Jona Rechnitz is accused of using straw donors to raise money for Bill de Blasio in hopes of becoming a real estate agent.

Evan Tice, a spokesman for Adams’ campaign, did not respond to calls seeking comment but issued a statement denying any involvement by the mayor.

“There is no indication that the campaign or the mayor is involved in this case or is being investigated,” Tice said. “The event has always been held to the highest standards and we will not condone these behaviours.”

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