The casual dining franchise offers a menu of delicious fare, including its signature cheesesteak sandwiches, chicken wings, french fries, and a plethora of beverages and snacks.

Charlie’s Cheese Steakis a quick and friendly casual dining franchise with a menu full of delicious dishes, including its signature cheesesteak sandwich, chicken wings, French fries, and plenty of drinks and snacks, celebrating the opening of its newest Long Island location on 6 Inside the Walmart Supercenter in Yaffink, N.Y., on Jan. 20.

Franchise owner Surendra Patel, who already owns a successful Charles franchise in New Jersey, noted that Walmart typically has a sandwich shop in its stores, both as a lunch break for employees. The venue also offers shoppers a place to lighten their load and grab a bite during their visit.

To that end, Patel says the importance of quality food at an affordable price cannot be underestimated, especially for Walmart associates, who receive an impressive 20% discount every time they dine at Charleys.

“A whole meal, including a sandwich, soda and chips, is $10 to $11 all in,” he said. “The same meal would cost you at least $14 or $15 elsewhere, so it’s a big savings.”

Given the paucity of local food options and the number of businesses in the area, Patel said opening a Charleys Cheesesteaks location in Yaphank was an excellent business decision.

“Northwell Health will soon open an emergency walk-in clinic in the same mall, with a hotel nearby, just a five-minute walk,” he said. “Also, Walmart alone has 450 to 500 employees, and there are several other businesses that bring a lot of people to the area. All of these people need a place to come, sit, eat, and relax, so opening in the area Charles makes sense.”

In addition to Charleys Cheesesteaks, entrepreneur Patel will be opening a very well-known Long Island eatery in the mall near the Yaphank Walmart in late August/early September of this year: Bagel Boss, a very popular breakfast lunch franchise The store has numerous locations in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Patel said he is very excited to open a Charleys Cheesesteaks location on Long Island and to be part of the close-knit Yaphank community, whom he looks forward to serving hot, mouthwatering and affordable sandwiches for years to come.

“Our goal is to make people happy, and we’re excited to offer delicious, fresh, hot food at an affordable price,” he said. “We are also excited to offer this service to Walmart associates, especially as we offer them a 20% discount. Therefore, we invite everyone to come and enjoy our delicious food at our store in the Yaphank Walmart Supercenter.”

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