On Wednesday, July 5, Kisjonne Campbell, 25, of Brooklyn, was sentenced to 25 to 25 years in Suffolk County Court for stabbing Michaelle Jaccis to death on New Year’s Day 2022. Life imprisonment.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Campbell admitted taking a taxi from the shelter to Jesse’s home in West Babylon, where the two got into a physical altercation.

Campbell was initially greeted by Jesses’ 15-year-old brother, who noticed Campbell was dressed in all black and had a ski mask around his neck.

The teen, who had never met Campbell before, later told investigators that Campbell had asked him if he had the taxi company’s phone number. He looked up a number and gave it to Campbell, who then left the house.

According to prosecutors, the teen told Jesses about the encounter, prompting her to leave the house briefly in the family’s car.

When she returned, Campbell appeared and “violently” attacked her in front of the house, investigators said.

Her two brothers heard her screams, opened the door and saw Campbell, dressed in the same black, repeatedly stabbing the woman.

Campbell had fled the scene when Suffolk County police arrived. Police eventually found him jogging in a nearby street.

He attempted to escape by jumping over a fence but was unsuccessful and was quickly arrested.

Investigators later found a knife with a broken tip in bushes at an adjacent home. The tip of the knife was found inside Jessi’s skull during her autopsy.

Her brother also identified Campbell as the man who asked for the taxi company’s number and who killed his sister.

In an interview with police, Campbell admitted to beating Jesse but said he “passed out” after attacking her.

In May 2023, he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

“There was absolutely no justification for the defendant’s violent actions,” said Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney. “The brutal manner in which he chose to attack and kill Ms. Yasis deserved an equally brutal sentence in prison. “

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