Renowned Ghanaian-British architect Sir David Adjaye has been embroiled in serious misconduct allegations.

Adjaye, the designer of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C., faces exploitation charges, British “Financial Times” report.

Three women, who requested anonymity, have accused Adjaye and his company of various forms of misconduct, from sexual assault and harassment to fostering a toxic work culture.

The women, all black in their 40s at the time of the alleged abuse, claim their relationship with Adjaye disrupted their careers, caused financial hardship and caused severe mental distress.

The allegations include that Adjaye allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in an airport bathroom. The victim’s complaint was subsequently dismissed, according to the Financial Times.

One woman who came forward said Adjaye, who is seen as an advocate for racial and gender diversity in architecture, told her that black women were “low targets,” meaning they were “easy, Cheap – like we’re sitting and waiting” to be picked. “

“If I were white, he would respect my body,” the woman said.

Another woman said that when she traveled with Adjaye on business, she discovered she was supposed to live in his bedroom.

The women said they joined Adjaye’s company not only to provide for their families, but also because they believed in Adjaye’s mission to advance black talent in the construction industry.

Adjaye has denied the allegations but admitted to having intimate relationships with women he has been professionally involved with.

“I absolutely reject any allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse or criminal conduct,” Adjaye told the Financial Times. “These allegations are untrue, distressing to me and my family and contrary to what I stand for. …I am ashamed to say that I entered into a relationship that, while entirely consensual, blurred the lines between my professional and personal life. I am deeply sorry. To restore trust and responsibility , I will immediately seek professional help so that I can learn from these mistakes and ensure that this type of problem does not happen again.”

He subsequently resigned as an adviser to the mayor of London and suspended the UK Holocaust Memorial, According to the New York Times.

It was a stunning development for Ajayi, whom then-President Barack Obama called a “genius” and who has received numerous honors, including the Royal Institute of British Architects Gold Medal, Queen Elizabeth II’s Knighthood and Royal Medal. The merit was conferred by King Charles III last November.

According to The New York Times, his US work includes 130 William in Manhattan, the planned new Studio Museum in Harlem, a riverfront master plan in Cleveland, and the redevelopment of the Princeton University Art Museum.

Ted Glazer

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