The North Fork town of Southold is tightening government restrictions on short-term rentals.

The town council is proposing bylaw changes to further limit short-term rentals and improve enforcement of its rules, the Suffolk Times reported. report. Southold, which includes Greenport Village, has more than 750 properties listed on Airbnb and VRBO, according to AirDNA. The town is east of Riverhead, and a large percentage of homes are second homes.

The most notable change was the extension of the 14-day minimum stay for renters, but the rule is not often observed or enforced. The town council wants to more than double the minimum period to 30 days. Other proposed changes include requiring short-term rental registrants to advertise and increasing fines for non-compliance.

Town Supervisor Scott Russell called for a fine of $3,000 to $5,000 for a first violation, and a three-year suspension for a homeowner’s rental license for a second violation. A few years ago, the minimum 14-day rule was introduced in response to complaints of rowdy weekend parties.

The proposed changes have drawn strong reactions from both sides of the Airbnb debate. Given the relatively few lodging options in the North Fork, business owners who rely on tourism fear the added restrictions will hurt.

Others, however, hope the changes will be a boon for local hotels and B&Bs.

Councilman Sarah Nappa noted that some homeowners may stop experimenting with short-term rentals and start looking at longer-term options, which could improve the supply of rental inventory—a problem the entire east — when they do.

Southhold has been looking to improve its Affordable Housing Stock.This spring, the town council voted unanimously to eliminate a part Town regulations limit the development of affordable housing districts to 24 units.

The town council is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday. If it approves draft changes to the code, a public hearing will follow.

Local governments are not alone in their efforts to tighten enforcement of short-term rental rules.In Suffolk County, AI is struggling to deploy More tax on short-term rentals.

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