South Jersey Democratic powerbroker George E. Norcross III is facing renewed scrutiny from state and federal authorities as they investigate his involvement in several transactions involving the Delaware Riverfront in Camden. real estate deal.

The investigation, led by the New Jersey attorney general’s office and the FBI, focuses on whether Norcross and his brother Philip, a prominent lawyer and lobbyist, used their political clout to acquire properties and exclude rival developers, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

While Norcross has previously been investigated, no criminal charges have been filed against him.

The current investigation, which has been running quietly since at least last year, involves subpoenas and interviews with potential witnesses about construction costs and Philip Norcross’ participation in economic development meetings with city officials.

Transactions under review involved prominent figures in Philadelphia real estate and business, including Carl Dranoff, William P. Hankowsky and Ira Lubert ). The deals have previously been hailed as a catalyst for Camden’s renaissance, with Norcross being credited for its contribution to the city’s rebuilding.

The inquiry poses a threat to Norcross’ legacy and the narrative of Camden’s revival he helped shape. Meanwhile, Norcross has claimed to be reducing his political involvement and living primarily in Florida.

Over the past 25 years, Norcross has built a powerful political machine in South Jersey, supporting allies at all levels of government.

Norcross has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, stressing that previous criminal investigations have examined tax incentives used in the development currently under investigation. His lawyers have offered to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, but authorities have rejected the offer. A Norcross spokesperson highlighted the positive impact of tax incentives on Camden’s transformation and creation of new opportunities.

It was not immediately clear the exact scope of the ongoing investigation and how it overlaps with previous investigations into Norcross business dealings. Previous investigations, including by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia and New Jersey, involved the issuance of subpoenas and notices to Norcross’ attorneys but did not lead to charges.

The current investigation progressed about 18 months ago, coinciding with the nomination of New Jersey Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin, who had previously clashed with Norcross.

The investigation has focused on specific property deals, including a dispute over waterfront development rights between George Norcross and developer Karl Delanoff. Dranoff claims that Norcross and his allies forced him to give up valuable development rights. Investigators also focused on the acquisition of the parking lot and a transaction involving the L3 office building in Camden.

The Attorney General’s Office has contacted people involved in negotiations between Dranoff and the Liberty Property Trust, subpoenaed information related to ongoing litigation in Camden and sought details about discussions between Philip Norcross and city officials.

The investigation is examining whether transactions and government approvals involving the Delaware River Port Authority, Camden Redevelopment Agency, Liberty Property Trust and Norcross Investment Group received fair market value.

Norcross is not the only person with significant political connections facing investigations.

According to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, an attorney who for the past two years has served as an advisor to developer Rishi Kapoor’s Location Ventures, which is building a project in the city’s Coconut Grove district There is one project where he is said to have earned at least $170,000. miami herald.

That sparked an investigation by ethics and state attorneys.

— Ted Glazer

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