On June 16, a Mattituck man told police his van was stolen from his home. The man told police that when he got home, the car was unlocked and the keys were left inside. A theft affidavit has been completed and the investigation continues.

• On June 20, an East Marion man told police that a property on Shipyard Lane was being cleared and a roadside tombstone had been removed from the ground. The man feared the stone marked the grave. A neighbor with knowledge of the area’s history told investigating officials that the tombstone belonged to a dog.

• Police responded to a New Suffolk home last Wednesday after a caller said his neighbor had found a hand grenade in his attic. Suffolk County Emergency Services responded with officials. It turned out that the “grenade” was made of plastic.

• Last Wednesday, a Kachige man told police he was a victim of identity theft. He said his credit card was used to purchase items totaling $2,516.73. He told police Capital One was investigating and he wanted the incident recorded.

• An 88-year-old Greenport woman told police Friday that a man named “James Johnson” called her and said he needed $9,500 to hire a lawyer for her grandson who was arrested in Buffalo. The woman knew it was a scam and did not send the money.

• Carlos Hernandez, a 29-year-old Oriental man, was arrested Monday after police investigated a brawl behind a Greenport business. He was arrested and awaiting arraignment.

The person named in the police report has not been convicted of any crime or offense. The charges against them may then be reduced or dropped, or they may be found not guilty.

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