Intracorp Homes will soon demolish Gable House Bowl, Torrance’s decades-old bowling alley and popular hangout, to make way for a 218-unit luxury condo complex.

August’s Wrecking Bowl is coming, According to the Daily Breeze.

Intracorp’s project has 5 floors and 218 units, 17 of which are affordable, and 12,000 square feet of commercial space. Called Gable House Apartments, the complex is the developer’s first new multifamily complex in Los Angeles County in several years and will feature amenities including a sky deck and pool lounge, according to the IntraCorp website.

The project would add another high-profile multifamily complex to the city of Torrance, a city of about 150,000 in Los Angeles’ South Bay area that has sometimes resisted new development. Last year, the city joined with three other cities in Los Angeles County to sue the state in support of the density law after the controversial land subdivision law SB 9 went into effect. Last fall, the city did come up with a housing plan that was accepted by state authorities in the face of a state mandate to rezon about 5,000 more homes.

The Gable House condos, located at 22501 Hawthorne Avenue, a major north-south commercial road, are expected to open in 2025, according to Intracorp.

The project has been praised by the city’s mayor, who said in a statement that investments along Hawthorne Avenue, such as the Gables House Apartments, “will help Torrance move forward,” but it has also drawn skepticism from some local residents , they saw an iconic community space replaced by a project with only a handful of affordable housing.

“With real estate prices so high, no one is going to pass up an apartment for a community institution like a bowling alley,” a South Bay resident told the Daily Breeze. The imbalance that arises.”

The bowling alley first opened in 1960. Intracorp recently acquired the site for $21 million.

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