Pasadena’s new rent control board will take its first major action.

At its June 29 meeting, the Pasadena Rental Housing Board is expected to set a cap on rent increases for the first time — 2.75 percent for the 12-month period from Oct. 1 through September 2024. Pasadena Star News first reported story.

The Rental Housing Commission was established in December 2022, right after the city’s voters approved Measure H, the Pasadena Charter Amendment Initiative Petition Measure to Implement Rent Control.

Measure H is Pasadena’s first rent control initiative. Measure H caused a stir during the 2022 election because its rules could apply to 25,000 apartments in Pasadena.

Measure H calculates the rent cap (known as the annual composite adjustment) by using 75% of the increase in the Los Angeles area consumer price index for the 12-month period ending March of the year the cap was set.

Measure H also requires that landlords cannot charge more than base rent plus rent increases approved by the Rent Control Board. From May 17, 2021, the base rent is determined by the apartment price. Landlords can set new rents when new tenants move in.

Measure H states that the initial rent for new tenants will be governed by state law, not city law. However, rent increases for new tenants are subject to Measure H.

The Independent Tenancy Board will also manage the Registry of Pasadena Rent Regulated Apartments. Measure H would also implement justifiable eviction protections and provide relocation assistance authorizations.

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