Tracy McLaughlin, one of the Bay Area’s top luxury real estate brokers, returns to The Agency after nearly a year at E Company in Germany.Angel and Volkers.

McLaughlin spent eight months with Engel and Volkers, primarily to open the Aspen office with her daughter, Whitney McLaughlin. The Aspen office is up and running; therefore, Tracy decides to return to the facility while Whitney runs operations in Colorado.

“We had some trouble working with The Agency in Colorado and The Agency in Marin, so we went SecondEngel and Volks,” McLaughlin told TRD. “I figured I’d better choose a brokerage that was in both markets and all the trouble would go away. … There’s nothing wrong with Engel & Völkers, it’s just that [Agency’s] The brand really works with our family and what we’re trying to do with my girls in Aspen. “

In 2022, McLaughlin will rank 18th in the state in sales, with $233 million in transactions, according to Real Trends. Since 2005, she has been the No. 1 special agent in Marin County, according to the agency’s Laura Corrigan.

McLaughlin joined The Agency in 2019 after a stint at Compass, which acquired Pacific Union, the agency she had co-owned with then-partner Mark McLaughlin since 2009. The brokerage giant paid more than $80 million for Pacific Union.

McLaughlin has been working at the Marin Market during his Engel & Völkers, the current market situation is a shortage of stocks.

“The problem with the market is not a lack of demand, it’s a lack of demand. The problem is a lack of volume and transactions in our industry,” McLaughlin said. “When sales are down, business is challenging. Sales are big, but sales are low. I’m still selling for record prices – there just aren’t many homes for sale right now. “

McLaughlin believes Marin’s marketing will continue on current trends for the rest of the year.

“I’m seeing a situation a lot like now,” she said. “Volumes will remain low, and good homes will sell quickly at high prices. Homes that are not Class A inventory will languish or sell for well below the peak prices during the new crown epidemic.”

In recent weeks, the agency has brought in new talent to its Northern California operations, adding​​Mark Choi, Helen Barkin, Noah Matthews, Dan and Ellis Clark and Karen Richardson Group. Combined sales from these agencies are approximately $200 million.

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