Celebrities gather at Castle Oheka in Huntington to raise money for great annual cause Papa Celebrity Golf Classic.

The campaign was launched in 2010 by Ricky “Big Daddy” Salgado, president of Coastal Advisors LLC Insurance Advisors and one of the most trusted men in professional sports. The campaign benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, with proceeds going directly to advance treatments, save children and ensure they never have to pay for treatment, travel, housing or food.

The Celebrity Classic also included a gala with the SHER Group, a women’s empowerment organization founded by Anzhelika Steen-Olsen.

One of the notables in attendance was former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan.

“I had to come here to support my dad, and of course St. Jude, which I’ve been a part of for years,” said the Pro Football Hall of Famer and co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America .

The list of sports luminaries who walked the red carpet also included Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo, New Orleans Saints offensive line coach Doug Malone, former Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets four-man Shooting back Neil O’Donnell and former NFL offensive lineman Brian Baldinger. The Long Island native is now an analyst for NFL Network.

The event has raised millions of dollars for St. Jude over the years.

“I’m so proud of working with them and what they’re doing for the kids and for the research,” Strahan said. “Any parent who would sympathize or wish that you never had to be in a situation where you’re told your child has cancer, this is a place to help parents deal with that and help their child recover, so I’m all for it.”

Also on hand were celebrities from the entertainment world, including Billy Joel musician Mike DelGuidice. DelGuidice formed the Billy Joel cover band “Big Shot” in 2000 and joined Billy’s band in 2013.

DelGuidice is more than happy to help with this event.

Mike DelGuidice at the Big Daddy Big Daddy Celebrity Classic

“That reason is untrue,” says Del Gidis, the lead rhythm guitarist for Billy Joel’s band. “When you hear the voice of St. Jude, your heart beats … let me do my best. It’s a great thing to be here, and I’m very happy to be here.”

Joel recently announced that his monthly residency at Madison Square Garden will end in July 2024 after ten years. While the residency is coming to an end, Joel isn’t retiring, and Delgidis remains busy with “Big Shot” and other projects.

“I think we all feel like this decade has been a great journey,” Del Guidis said. “(Billy’s) got more stuff in the tank. I’m sure he will. I’m pretty sure we’re still doing other things throughout the year. (Big guy) playing around. Doing more of his stuff now too. Still Working with Kevin James on some things.”

For more information about St. Jude Children’s Hospital, visit stjude.org.

Click below to see photos from the Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic and Gala from one year ago.

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