Today, June 27, the Republican primary for Suffolk County Councilors in the 1st Legislative District will be held. Candidates Catherine Stark and Greg Williams explain in their own words why they are running.

Catherine Stark: That’s why I run.

I am writing to seek your support in the Suffolk County Republican Primary for Legislative District 1 on Tuesday, June 27th. I look forward to the opportunity to work with your District 1 residents as the next county councillor. We can work together to achieve positive outcomes on the most important issues facing our families. As your legislator, I will:

– More funding for our Eastside Police Department, protecting families from those who bring crime and addiction to our streets;

– Work to get local governments to stop unvetted immigration into our communities, which burdens our school systems and drains resources;

– As a fiscal conservative, I will stop the tax- and spending-liberal policies from Washington and Albany that stoke inflation and make it harder for families to survive.

I’m a lifelong Riverhead resident and a fifth generation North Fork native. My great-great-grandfather, John C. Stark, came to Southold in 1840 and lived there until the 1860s, when he started a farm in Baiting Hollow . Since then, our family has put down roots and grown on the East Side.

My mother, Patricia, and my father, Jim Stark, who was also Riverhead’s 57th Superintendent, raised me and my three siblings in the family tradition of public service. Serving the community has been the focus of my career for three decades, in addition to volunteering with the Riverhead Lions Club and other community groups over the years.

During this time, I developed extensive expertise in Suffolk County Government. My experience includes developing policy, lobbying for legislation and working closely with local mayors, trustees, supervisors, council members and commissioners. I started working in Suffolk County in 1996, first as a Clerk to the Legislature, then with the Real Estate Tax Services Division, and finally as County Executive Bob Gaffney. I have also had the pleasure of working for East Side voters for the past 20 years.

I am committed to winning the 1st District seat for the people so I can continue to implement initiatives to protect the environment, advocate for farmers, keep government affordable and improve public safety. Whether it’s protecting farmland, open space, drinking water, keeping communities safe, or addressing the rising cost of living, I believe there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

I hope I can win your support and your votes, both during early voting this week and on Primary Day on Tuesday, June 27th.

Greg Williams: I ask for your vote.

The problems facing Suffolk County are getting worse. As you know, the county’s debt is about $1 billion. Once we get over the high price shock, we must become more financially responsible. Then, the influx of immigrants from New York City into our borough will further strain our already challenged community resources. We also need to improve safety in our communities and work with farmers to ensure they can keep farming and protect our open spaces. The approval process needs to be simplified to facilitate the growth of our local business. Finally, we must address traffic congestion, especially during high season.

As a lifelong resident of North Fork, I feel a responsibility to help our community. Drawing on my experience as a Trustee for the Town of Southold and a former member of the Conservation Advisory Committee, I have worked successfully with Town, County and State agencies. Also, I have owned and operated a bike shop in Mattituck for over 25 years, so my community connection is very deep. I have the ability and experience to represent all residents of Suffolk County’s First Legislative District with dignity and respect.

The serious problems we face have affected our quality of life. We need serious people to do the work and fix these problems. I humbly dedicate myself, my passion for our community, my “can, will do” attitude to all that I take on, and my commitment to addressing these issues as the representative of our county’s 1st Legislative District, no People will work harder for the government than I do.

I ask you to vote on June 27th. With your support, I can win and work to make our lives better for all of us.

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