The “You BeLONG” video series is an extension of the successful “Where You BeLONG” campaign exploring Long Island.

explore long islandis the region’s official and only certified destination marketing organization, and together with elected officials, local business owners and other stakeholders, launched a new tourism campaign at the Long Island Welcome Center that includes a series of videos highlighting loving yourself Native Long Islanders live here and want to share this passion with fellow residents and potential visitors. The first six videos in the new “You BeLONG” series are about three minutes each and feature a “DJ Chef,” a chalk artist and children’s book author, a Long Island bagel legend and BECSPK (if you know, you know) ), Italian and Mexican-inspired vineyards, and a family-run Indian restaurant.A trailer for the “You BeLONG” video series is available here. The videos, posted on June 1, 2023, have received more than 60,000 views.

New video series is an extension of Exploring Long Island’s successful “Where You BeLONG” marketing campaign and promotional video, launched in 2018, inviting travelers from around the world to experience not just a place to visit, but a people A place where one can “be” together, be adventurous, have fun, and most of all, be welcomed. The event was popular not only with tourists, but also with Long Islanders, who love where they live and continue to buy tons of Explore Long Island merchandise emblazoned with the “Where I Belong” slogan.

Local residents’ embrace of the “BeLONG” message has inspired Exploring Long Island for a new “You BeLONG” video series, in which diverse Long Islanders share their unique and authentic stories about why they stay on Long Island. Locals act as destination marketers, inviting you to Long Island at the end of each video.

“Long Island’s tourism economy is booming, and Discovery Long Island works tirelessly to promote and highlight all of our world-class attractions,” Suffolk County Executive Steve Veron said. “The ‘You BeLONG’ campaign showcases all that Long Island has to offer, from our scenic vineyards to our waterfront restaurants, and will encourage new visitors from far and wide to discover these local treasures.”

“We’re very proud of this new video series, which highlights what makes Long Island the best destination in the world — our people,” said Get to know Kristen Reynolds, CDME, President and CEO of Long Island. “Putting locals in charge of our marketing efforts and sharing why ‘You BeLONG’ has more impact than any paid advertisement pulls back the curtain on the uniqueness and diversity of our destination. We look forward to working with our residents and the world Audiences share these stories of Long Island love and continue to scale up our efforts to increase exposure for our local businesses and communities.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to be part of the ‘You BeLONG’ series that explores Long Island, which has the potential to help us and other local small businesses share our story with a global audience. Long Island has become a destination for tourists and we are excited to welcome guests to Come to our family-owned vineyard in Northport for a one-of-a-kind wine and food experience.” Delvino Vineyards owners Fred and Lisa Giachetti.

About the event

This video series is produced by Discover Long Island in partnership with Paradise Advertising and EGC Group.These videos can be viewed on Discover Long Island youtube page and website: . An itinerary of how to experience the featured neighborhood has also been created and is available on

The digital campaign will target consumers in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, DC and Long Island, reaching more than 2.5 million viewers. Highlights of the full campaign include fast, interactive video content across social media, as well as engaging skippable and non-skippable ads on YouTube and Google, engaging viewers as they check Gmail, mobile apps and more.

More videos are expected to be added to the series, and the social media campaign will invite local businesses to submit their stories of why they belong on Long Island for a chance to be featured in the series or in the Discover Long Island marketing campaign. Follow Discovery Long Island on social media to learn more.

About Explore Long Island

Discover Long Island is the region’s official destination marketing and leadership organization responsible for promoting the destination’s thriving visitor economy, which hit a record high in 2019 with $6.3 billion in visitor spending. The organization ensures that Long Island’s coveted quality of life, thriving industry and vibrant destination offerings are promoted globally, boosting the economy and benefiting residents and businesses throughout the region. Recognized nationally by the U.S. Travel Association for “Best Social Media,” the organization produces engaging content featuring local businesses and attractions across its 10 social media channels, which have more than 10 million views. In addition, the organization hosts the popular YouTube series Long Island TV and the Long Island Tea podcast.For more information, call 631-951-3900 or visit

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