A unique house in Syracuse looks fresh, but it’s the projects below that can really make a bigger impact.

Workers recently updated this two-story home on top of a former carriage and car factory, Syracuse.com report. The residence has been a source of fascination for years and has sat atop the former HA Moyer property for over a century.

The billboard next to the residence at 1714 North Salina Street on the city’s North Side was missing. The house itself has new siding, windows and roof shingles.

The origin of the house is unclear. A popular rumor claimed that an old woman lived in the house before the mill was built, suggesting that she would not budge unless the mill was preserved. More likely, it housed the motors responsible for the factory’s freight elevators, but was never inhabited.

It will no longer be inhabited either, but the factory below is about to be the source of many homes.

Housing Visions and Redev CNY are undertaking a $55 million redevelopment of the former five-story facility. The end result will be 128 apartments, nearly half of which are for victims of physical disabilities, mental illness or domestic violence. Rents start at $569 and all apartments will be designated as affordable housing.

The hotel will also provide on-site support for residents of 50 supportive housing units. Amenities include private courtyard, laundry room, and community room.

The plant was most recently occupied by Penfield Manufacturing, which makes mattresses and bedroom furniture. The company closed in 2006, leaving the factory vacant.

While no one would live in a house above a factory, it’s unlikely it would go to waste. Housing Visions CEO Ben Lockwood raised the possibility of offering limited tours as a way to fundraise in the future.

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