Beyond the White House, Donald Trump has also set his sights on the surprising Oman.

The former president’s involvement in a multibillion-dollar real estate project in the Middle Eastern country, backed by the country’s oil-rich government and raising huge ethical concerns, The New York Times reported.

The development, which includes a Trump-branded hotel, golf course and luxury villas, is priced at as much as $13 million.

Located in the Gulf of Oman, the project was built by thousands of migrant laborers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, who worked long hours in the sweltering heat.

Compared with his previous international dealings, the partnership between Trump and the Omani government is unusual, if not unique. Oman is providing land for the project and investing heavily in infrastructure, and Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, will help design and manage the properties for as long as 30 years.

The Trump Organization has already made at least $5 million from the deal, The Times reported.

But Trump’s business ties to the Middle East have faced scrutiny in the past over potential conflicts of interest and whether Trump’s return to the White House could influence foreign policy.

In fact, during his presidency, his family business has profited from foreign governments, including Saudi Arabia, which have spent vast sums on his Washington hotels.Trump son-in-law, adviser Jared Kushner famously received post-presidency $2 billion investment A fund led by the Saudi crown prince has challenged the entire deal, over the objections of the fund’s advisers.

In addition, Oman plays an important diplomatic role in the Middle East and is in a sensitive position. It maintains ties to both Saudi Arabia and Iran. The country has acted as an intermediary in negotiations between the West and Iran, including the 2015 nuclear deal that Trump later abandoned. The Times said Oman was also a buyer of American weapons.

The Oman deal was brokered by Saudi real estate company Dar Al Arkan, which also has close ties to the Saudi government. Trump and his family have worked with Saudi entities in the past, including co-hosting the LIV golf tour with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

The Trump Organization’s involvement in the Oman project has raised questions about how Mr. Trump’s economic interests intersect with his politics, especially as he runs for president again.

The treatment of migrant workers in the program has also come under scrutiny. According to reports, these workers lived in cramped trailers in poor conditions and were paid as little as $340 a month. Oman has faced criticism for its treatment of foreign workers, with reports of labor exploitation and poor enforcement of safety and health standards.

Details of the project were revealed as Trump faces numerous legal battles at home.

He was recently arraigned in Miami on 37 felony counts related to the alleged mishandling of classified documents. He pleaded not guilty.

he also had Indicted in New York earlier this year The charges relate to hush money payments to a former porn star ahead of the 2016 election.

He also faces at least one additional investigation in Georgia for allegedly interfering with Georgia’s presidential election results.

— Ted Glazer

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