“Electric bikes can be great tools, but they can also pose significant risks to New Yorkers and their families,” said Attorney General James.

New York Attorney General Letitia James today warned New Yorkers of the dangers posed by electric bicycle (e-bike) batteries and offered tips on how to safely dispose of them. Today’s alert was issued in response to a deadly fire at an e-bike repair shop in Manhattan’s Chinatown earlier this week that killed four people.In addition, the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has shared information leaflets in several languages ​​on e-bike safety tips, including English, spanish, Simplified Chinese, Bengaland Haitian Creole. Most e-bikes, as well as e-scooters and hoverboards, use powerful lithium-ion batteries, which can store more energy and are more prone to fire than typical batteries. In 2022, at least 220 fires and six deaths will be caused by lithium-ion batteries in electric bicycles and other devices in New York City. The batteries have sparked at least 108 fires and killed 13 people this year.

“E-bikes can be great tools, but they can also pose significant risks to New Yorkers and their families,” said attorney general james. “The best way to protect our loved ones from the risks associated with e-bikes is to handle these devices and their batteries with care and follow all safety precautions. As we continue to mourn those who lost their lives in this week’s fires, I urge everyone to take Do whatever is necessary to avoid future tragedies related to e-bikes.”

September 2022, Attorney General James issues consumer alert Regarding the dangers posed by e-bike batteries and stating that accidents can be avoided by taking proper precautions when purchasing, storing, charging and disposing of these batteries. In March, New York City enacted laws banning the sale or lease of e-bikes and e-scooters that do not meet safety standards, and prohibiting the refurbishment of used lithium-ion batteries. The New York City Council is currently considering steps to create a program to buy back used batteries and equip workers with fire-resistant containers for battery recharging. Additionally, the NYC Fire Department shut down illegal battery charging stations at bike shops and grocery stores that charged multiple batteries at once.

As part of an ongoing effort to keep the community safe, Attorney General James recommends that consumers take the following steps when using e-bikes:

  • Buy electric bikes and batteries from trusted manufacturers.

  • Carefully check the battery from time to time to maintain the battery. If you notice any strange smell or change in shape or color, stop using the battery immediately and contact your local fire department or call 911.

  • Store batteries in a safe place.

  • Use only the power cord and power adapter provided by the manufacturer to charge the battery.

  • Dispose of the battery at a battery recycling location. Do not reuse or refurbish a used lithium-ion battery or its parts.

For more information on e-bike safety tips, visit the information leaflet provided English, spanish, Simplified Chinese, Bengaland Haitian Creole Provided by OAG.

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