“Our residents deserve a safe and functional park to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family, and the old Ross Park simply didn’t allow that,” Superintendent Carpenter said.

In recent years, the Town of Islip has received numerous complaints from residents about dangerous criminal behavior, as well as numerous reports from MTA Police and Suffolk County Police involving illegal activities at Brent Woodrose Memorial Park, including drug dealing. In 2020, after consultation with the SCPD, town officials decided to close Ross Park and transform it into a community park that all can be proud of.

Today, with a grant from Councilman Phil Ramos, the restoration of Ross Memorial Park is well underway as one of the town’s capital projects. Features in the Ross Park renovation include a pavilion for LIVE outdoor theater performances and LIVE outdoor concerts; spaces for cultural exhibits and celebrations; picnic tables; outdoor checkers; chess; soft play areas for children; a new sidewalk; parking places; restrooms; lighting structures and state-of-the-art enhanced security systems and further measures to ensure the safety of the park.

Key to the success of Ross Memorial Park’s transformation was the relocation of five Suffolk County bus shelters on Brentwood Road. Adjacent to Ross Park, it has been a hangout for homeless and drug addicts for many years. At the May 16 town board meeting, Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter introduced a resolution unanimously passed by the town board to enter into a 20-year agreement with Suffolk County to bring the bus shelters to Moved to a more suitable location, the south side of the town. LIRR parking lot.

“Our residents deserve a safe and functional park to enjoy outdoor recreation with friends and family, and the old Ross Park simply didn’t allow that,” said Supervisor Carpenter. “It is my mission to ensure that all town-owned facilities are safe for our residents to enjoy. Ross Memorial Park in Brentwood is no exception. built as an asset to the community,” she added.

Assemblyman Phil Ramos received $655,000 in state funding to advance a bipartisan initiative with Supervisor Carpenter to beautify Ross Memorial Park in downtown Brentwood, which has been illegal “hot spots”.

“Our community has long been underresourced due to the inconsistency of our surroundings. This bipartisan initiative will bring about sweeping change in our community,” said Assemblyman Ramos. “Additionally, the pandemic has made matters worse by increasing the number of people experiencing homelessness, unemployment and lack of food resources. Drug use and distribution, as well as loitering and prostitution have increased in the region,” he said.

“We’re taking back this park for our community,” Superintendent Carpenter said. “This is a showcase not just for the Brentwood community, but for the entire town of Islip.”

Credit: Town of Islip

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