“There Should Be a Law” invites students to think critically about ideas they think might make good law.

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Plaza) hosted his fifth annual “Should There Be Laws” ceremony at Mineola Middle School on Wednesday, June 14 to honor the 41 semifinalists selected to represent their class . There were 724 entries from 11 local schools. Ra is pleased to announce this year’s co-recipients, Brendan Hoefenkrieg of Garden City St. Anne’s School and Erin Kelly of Mineola Middle School, for their articles on the importance of regulating minors’ use of social media. “There Should Be a Law” invites students to think critically about ideas they think might make good law.

“The ‘There Oftht To Be A Law’ competition gives young students the opportunity to be creative and comment on what they observe around them. Every year, I myself learn a lot through this competition – I learn about our youth community What members care about, what they think can be improved, and how they believe we can improve our community for all. Congratulations Brendan and Erin for calling attention to the complex and ever-expanding social media landscape. Thank you Citizens for all who participated this year Engagement and bright ideas give me confidence that our local communities will be well served when these individuals grow up and take on leadership roles,” Ra said.

The list of participating schools and shortlisted students is as follows:

washington street school

sofia cafaro

Ryan Hoffman

Angelo Russo

Oak Manor

abrar aribu

Matteo Gravik

Hillside Primary School

Lucas Amaya

Myers Herritt

Kevin Villanueva

Stratford School

Alicia Broad

Julian Klocheck

Elizabeth Nick

Bridget Psaki

jack roller

Grace Santar

grace volpe

george washington school

Afdir Daotai

Amalia Jimenez Delgado

Ronnie Hiller

Leila Kudesi

john street school

Nicolas Bettencourt

Emiliano Hernandez

Caitlin Wimmer

St. Joseph’s School

Dustin Solis

Arianna Velez

rushmore avenue school

Dana Mastromauro

Zoe Gregorage

Annabel Farooq

St Anne’s School

Addison Chiffriller

Brendan Hoffenkrieger

notre dame school

colin lucio

brianna woodward

Mineola Middle School

Carissa Consalvo

Alice Cosgrove

Samuel Etvalu

Joshua Frith

Erin Kelly

liam hyde

Jessica Mirell

Ana Pereira

Mason Sculler

harran spy

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