A Key West real estate investor has been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and violation of the state’s concealed weapons laws following a tragic incident outside a local bar in February.

Lloyd Preston Brewer III, 57, was the owner of the building, but not the bar itself, during Super Bowl Sunday, the Miami Herald reported. owner, who confronted 21-year-old Garrett Hughes and opened fire.

The grand jury’s decision on Thursday shocked the southernmost city, known for its popularity with tourists and its relatively low crime rate.

Hughes, a former outstanding high school athlete, came from a prominent family in the town. His father was the head coach at Key West High School.

The incident happened just after midnight on Feb. 13 when Hughes was seen urinating on the exterior wall of the Conch Town Liquor and Lounge on North Roosevelt Boulevard a few hours after the Super Bowl.

Brewer claimed to have had three beers that night, although authorities argued he may have had more and was drunk.

Security camera footage captured Brewer approaching Hughes, lifting his shirt and shooting at least one shot in Hughes’ torso. Despite the efforts of his friends and medical staff, Hughes passed away at Rockies Medical Center.

Brewer pleaded not guilty, claiming he acted in self-defense. However, Assistant Monroe County State’s Attorney Joseph Mansfield said Hughes was unarmed and never posed a threat to Brewer.

In a video of the interrogation, Brewer explained that he felt threatened when Hughes approached him in a confrontational manner and appeared to reach for something on his belt. Brewer claimed he warned Hughes not to carry a weapon and fired two shots, one hitting Hughes and the other into the air.

— Ted Glazer

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