It’s the end of an era for a community staple in Queens.

The Steinway Billiards Café in Astoria closed its doors abruptly last Thursday, announcing the news with a handwritten note taped to the door, The City Report. The pool hall has been a part of the 3525 Steinway Street community since 1990.

Like many other businesses, the pandemic has made it harder for Steinway to keep up with its bills. The landlord, identified in court filings as Long Island-based Wilbee Corporation, claims the pool hall is behind on $440,000 in back rent after payments stopped during the pandemic.

In December, a judge issued a warrant for Steinway’s deportation. Tenants appealed, dragging the process out for another six months. However, last week a judge denied the tenant’s motion to ask the landlord to explain the reason for the eviction.

The City could not reach the business owner for comment. real deal Welby could not immediately be reached for comment.

The sudden closure put about a dozen employees out of work — some of whom had been working in the space for years. Owned by Georgiois Nikolakakos, the hall is also the meeting center for the local Greek community.

“I’m devastated. It’s very sad,” employee Luisa Patino told The City after finding out her 13-year career at Steinway was over.

The business only recently survived another threat to its a publication previously reported, Steinway is in danger of being shut down or uprooted due to its location in the middle of Innovation QNS development. Local council member Julie Won was finally able to secure the Steinway home for another three to five years and, in a recent rebate, the $2 billion when the project had to be moved in after completion.

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