A 63-year-old Greenport man told police on June 7 that he was the victim of a phone scam. He reported that a man named “Danny Moreno” called to tell him he was a victim of fraud. The caller said the man’s account had been debited $400 and he had to wire $1,600 to reverse the debit and get his $400 back. The victim sent two payments of $400 and one payment of $800 before realizing it was a scam.

• A 59-year-old Southold woman told police on Friday she gave her bank details to an unknown person over the phone. When she realized the call was a scam, she immediately contacted her bank and had her account closed. That same day, a 60-year-old Laurel woman told police a stranger called her mobile phone, claiming to be a bank representative. She told police her credit card was then charged through her PayPal account. The woman is working with PayPal to get reimbursed.

• On Saturday, police were informed of “a boat with a body washed up on Plum Island”. Department chiefs determined that the Suffolk County Homicide Squad was on call for such incidents and notified them. No other information was provided in the police report.

• Evelyn Kahn, 64, of Cutchogue, was arrested Sunday after police responded to a crash on Route 25 in Cutchogue. A news release said Ms. Kahn was driving an SUV with two flat tires and “she continued to drive, causing the tire to rupture.” She then lost control of the vehicle and her car crashed into an embankment on the opposite side of the road. And rolled over, stopped on the roof. She was found drunk and arrested.

• Police arrested Sean McKenna, 50, of Sag Harbor on Monday after his car was spotted failing to maintain its lane on Route 25 in Southold. He was found intoxicated and taken to headquarters to await arraignment.

• On June 5, an anonymous caller reported to police that she had observed “a large smoking gun being passed to and fro in traffic eastbound on Sound Avenue” near the Harbes Family Farm and Vineyard. Police searched the area but did not find the vehicle.

• On Tuesday, police arrested Christine Shelby, 60, of Greenport, on charges she twice stole large quantities of plants from a stall on Route 48 in Greenport. A report said she was issued a ticket to return to Southold Township Justice Court at a future date.

• Joseph Diamond, 40, of Southold, was arrested Saturday after police investigated a crash on Route 48 in Mattituck and found he was intoxicated. He was arrested and sent to headquarters to await arraignment.

Those named in the police report have not been convicted of any crime or offense. Charges against them may later be reduced or dropped, or they may be found not guilty.

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