“While we continue to monitor air quality, smoke from the Canadian wildfires is expected to impact air quality across the state today,” Governor Hochul said.

Governor Hochul and the Department of Environmental Conservation and Health continue to closely monitor air quality to understand the effects of Canadian wildfires and ozone and other pollutants.

“While we continue to monitor air quality and our brave rangers assist with wildfire suppression efforts in Quebec, smoke from wildfires in Canada is expected to affect air quality across the state today,” Governor Hochul said“Levels are expected to be well below last week’s levels, but I encourage all New Yorkers to remain vigilant. If you are in a vulnerable group, please take note of the latest information and take steps to protect yourself.”

The statewide forecast for today, Friday, June 16, shows that smoke from wildfires in Canada is expected to be visible high in the atmosphere, with moderate levels of fine particulate pollution on the ground. According to the EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI), the forecasted moderate levels are well below what New Yorkers experienced last week and below the threshold for issuing air quality health advisories.

Moderate is defined as an AQI between 51-100, which means the air quality is acceptable, with potential moderate health concerns for the very small number of people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution. Air quality health warnings are issued when meteorologists predict pollution levels (most commonly ozone and particulate matter) to exceed an AQI value of 100.If the AQI exceeds 100, we recommend revisiting precautions here Necessary.

More information on the air quality forecast for New York State is available here.

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