The new design will feature iconic landmarks.

Long Island is getting its own license plate design. On Monday, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles said they would begin releasing various designs for different parts of the state.

Commissioner Mark JF Schroeder plans to unveil the new Long Island regional plates at the DMV’s Bethpage offices on Tuesday, according to an announcement, as part of the new special plates being rolled out in ten New York state districts.

“Every region of our state has something unique and interesting, and we’re excited to celebrate that uniqueness by offering these new plates to New York drivers,” Schroeder said in a statement. “These also allow drivers to leave their own unique touch on their vehicle and show pride in where they live.”

The design for Long Island will feature the image of the Montauk Lighthouse.

Of course as soon as the news was announced, people started making fun of the fact that the lighthouse didn’t represent the whole of Long Island. on twitter, @inthefade created a version It has Billy Joel’s face and a bagel on it.

In total, the DMV offers over 200 custom plates representing military and veterans’ branches, New York State counties and territories, occupations, careers, sports teams, and more.

Custom boards may be Ordered Contact the Custom License Plate Office on the DMV website, by mail, or by calling (518) 402-4838.

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