Safe Bath LI specializes in transforming bathrooms into safe spaces that create independence for those vulnerable that can make everyday life a harrowing obstacle to overcome.

When having to deal with aging or disability, one of the most important things for people is to maintain a sense of security and independence; however, one of the most dangerous places in the home can be the bathroom, where slipping in and out of the tub can bring disaster.

However, safe bathing plum is a family-owned and operated company based in Huntington, NY that specializes in transforming bathrooms into safe spaces that foster a sense of independence for those who are vulnerable—whose vulnerabilities can overwhelm the common features of everyday life that most people take for granted. Aspects become excruciating obstacles to overcome.

According to Glenn T. Meskill, President of Safe Bath LI, the business first opened about seven years ago when they started out as a standard bathroom remodeling company. However, after installing a custom bathroom for his mother, Glenn had the idea of ​​turning the business into a security service.

Noticing that she had trouble getting in and out of the tub, Glenn undertook a study that led to his company’s trademark: seamless remodeling of tubs to make them easier to get in and out of, including custom steps and airtight doors so their customers don’t have to climb over the edge You can enter and exit.

“We cut out part of the tub so our customers could safely get in and out of the shower through a large gap, and we had a few ways to do that,” says Glenn. “First came our custom inserts – our most affordable conversion option – where we cut 24” sections out of existing tubs and custom fitted factory molded inserts. Next came our Basic Cut-and- With the Match option, we fitted the waterproof polypropylene material to the shape and contour of the tub, then painted it to match the color of the tub as closely as possible. This allowed us to custom cut to size the client’s needs.”

Other options include Cut and Bathe, which removes part of the tub but includes a sealable door that blocks off the space, allowing patrons to still bathe if desired. The Cut and Door tub serves a similar purpose, but the gap includes a custom hinged shower door. Finally, the Full Front Cut Tub option removes the entire front section of the tub and replaces it with a custom sliding shower door.

However, Safe Bath LI won’t be refinishing your tub; they also offer a host of other safety gear designed to help people with disabilities navigate the bathroom safely and bathe in peace, including safety grab bars, non-slip bath mats, and protection for those with difficulty standing in the shower. safety chair provided by the person.

Safe Bath LI typically serves the entirety of Long Island, but is willing to travel to several neighboring states for larger jobs. All work is tailored to the exact needs of their individual clients and most bathtubs can subsequently be restored to their original condition if required. Construction was completed in less than a day—no mess or fuss—and the tub can be used again the next day.

Glenn notes that he and his three sons run Safe Bath LI for more than money; their mission really is to give everyone a sense of control and independence in their lives while keeping them safe.

To that end, Glenn tells a story in which he remodeled a bathtub for a woman whose husband was dying with a serious illness; his wife told him he was finally able to take a few last showers himself before he died , which made him very happy.

“It’s a really great feeling when we help someone take charge of their life and make them feel safe and independent again in their own home,” says Glenn. “I’ve had people tell me that my company really does make their lives better and that’s why we do what we do.”

To learn more about safe bath Li and to schedule a consultation, call 631-923-6502 or visit their website:

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