A multi-agency effort is underway to recertify vulnerable Long Islanders.

Auto-enrollment for Medicaid recipients has ended. Auto-enrollment was implemented during the pandemic to ensure continued health coverage, but now Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Essential Plan members must recertify or lose their coverage. Members of special populations such as the elderly, blind, and disabled must also recertify to maintain coverage. Keep LI Covered is a grassroots effort led by the Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Commission (NSHC), in partnership with the Nassau Central Guidance and Counseling Center and the Long Island Health and Welfare Board, and wants all eligible Long Island residents to know the duration of their coverage and which agencies offer free recertification help. Call 631-435-3000 to be connected to the appropriate agency.

New York State began mailing recertification notices to enrollees and will continue to do so through June 30, 2024, as the recertification deadline approaches for each enrollee. Enrollees should call the Keep LI Covered phone number – 631-435-3000 – to recertify so they do not lose their coverage.

“We have approximately 900,000 eligible registrants on Long Island. It’s a tall order, but we don’t want anyone who is still eligible for coverage to lose their health coverage just because they failed to recertify. The reaccreditation rules were relaxed during COVID, but we are now back to the annual reaccreditation process,” said Stacy Villagran, Chief Operating Officer, Nassau-Suffolk Hospital Board. She is overseeing the island-wide reaccreditation effort, which is Funded by NYCSA and its multiple funders who care deeply about this issue. #keepLIcovered.

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