On Friday, June 9, the Nassau County District Attorney announced that John Mann IV had been sentenced for the beating to death of teen Henry Hernandez. He will spend the next 20 years in prison for the incident.

Mann of Centereach had previously pleaded guilty in March 2023.

Hernandez’s skeletal remains were found wrapped in two plastic bags in Mann’s neighbor’s plastic bucket, according to Mann’s guilty plea and court documents.

Further examination of the body revealed that Hernandez’s hands and feet were bound with duct tape.

His head and mouth were also bound with duct tape.

After investigation, the two met each other and got acquainted in March 2019.

Shortly after, Hernandez went to Mann’s home on Jay Road and stole Mann’s father’s truck.

Then, on June 2, 2019, Mann lured the victim to an area known as a “sand trap,” where he taped Hernandez’s body and hit him multiple times with a blunt object .

Mann lowered the victim’s body into a hole and covered it with debris. He later moved the teen’s remains into plastic buckets and placed them on a neighbor’s property where they would not be found for another nine months.

District Attorney Raymond A. Tierney said, “We hope this petition and sentence will serve justice for Henry Hernandez and his family.”

“This is a truly heartbreaking and horrific case.”

He pleaded guilty to first degree manslaughter and tampering with physical evidence.

Mann will serve five years in post-release supervision after being sentenced to 20 years in prison.

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